Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Aren't y'all excited?! Another post about grocery shopping! I think I can hear my siblings groaning from here:) Sorry you guys, but I happen to be really excited about the sweet deals I got this week, you'll just have to suffer!

Target: I used this coupon on three clearance items! Three new pajama pieces for me for 5.54. Yay! (click the apparel category)

Yard Sales: Early Saturday morning I went garage sale shopping while the guys slept in. We live in area with lots of neighborhoods, so I was able to stay close in case Otto woke up and needed to eat; I could easily be home in five minutes. I found these great Fisher Price toys for the munchkin, only a dollar each!  He loves the one in the middle, it lights up and he is VERY impressed by it. I also got him a hilariously cute sweater vest.
Groceries: (My favorite!) 
Total before sales and coupons 14.27. I only paid .70 cents! And .33 cents of my total came from the spaghetti seasoning I needed for tonight's dinner. Without it I would have only spent .37 cents! You couldn't buy a single item in this picture for that. The cashier checked my coupons twice, I don't think she could believe it either:) (These coupons came from the Sunday paper, if you don't want the coupon inserts save them for me please!)

Total 1.66! I threw away the receipt so I'm not sure what the total savings were. These coupons are available on and the Kroger website.

Otto is a terrific shopping buddy, he is very content to people watch and is a scandalous flirt. :)

And please don't think that I only get good deals on groceries. Otto and I ran all over town yesterday (five different stores) and spent twenty dollars on chocolate alone! But hey, it's the holidays and we are making these little guys for Chris' office:)


  1. I love your grocery store posts! They inspire me to clip some coupons and SAVE! :)

  2. I'm sure the turkeys will be a big hit!