Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

I am such a dweeb.

I got such a kick out of bargain shopping today. When I got home and was unloading the groceries, practically skipping around the kitchen and chanting 'Guess how much I spent, guess how much I spent!' to Chris I realized I might have a problem. :)

This is what I scored today. (Shopping at Kroger)
15 twelve ounce bags of Skinner pasta-My favorite brand of pasta, and we eat a lot of it, for only .38 cents a package!
2 packages of Healthy Harvest (whole grain) pasta
7 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup-Chris takes these for lunch and they only cost .29 cents. A .29 cent lunch?! Yes, please!
2 bottles of Honestea
1 box of brownies-These are just delicious, and I wanted them. Added 1.49 to my total. :)
1/2 pound of lunch meat-Only thing I brought that wasn't on sale, raise my total four bucks:(
1 roll of paper towels
1 package of toilet paper-Basic necessity, might as well buy it while it's on sale.
1 package of Wholly guacamole
2 tooth brushes-Michael, you will now have no excuse when you visit;)
1 bottle of Dr Pepper-I am really excited about this one. DP is an item that I have deemed none essential. (But oh my goodness is it essential!)

These items they actually paid me to take out of the store! No kidding, by combining a sale with a coupon, .53 cents overage from these items was applied to my other purchases. Sweet.
I spent a total of 18.29 for 66.10 in groceries, and they are all items I buy on a regular basis. By shopping like this, hopefully I will be able to stock my pantry so I won't have to pay full price in the future.


  1. Yeah! haha, nice about the Brushes... :)
    I'll take the Dr. Pepper and Brownies!

  2. So, you COMBINE sales that are on with coupons? How do you always know both? I really need to figure this out.

  3. Right.

    The Dr. Pepper was on sale for .78 cents. I used a .50 cent coupon I had that was doubled by the store. So I 'paid' them 1.00 resulting in overage that was applied to the rest of my bill.

    Sweet, right?

  4. Just don't forget "the beef" for the guy that makes this game possible.
    Good job cricket. : )

  5. I think you need to teach a class on Coupon Using. I will sign up...or better yet...I will just hire you to do my grocery shopping. Pretty sure it is the only kind of shopping I don't like!!! Good Job!

  6. stock up on food and ammo and toilet paper...good idea.

    Mom may have meant to say," you have learned well, grasshopper"

  7. Ok Lydia, you really need to give lessons on this! I'm a Kroger shopper - is there a certain day/time they double coupons? Which coupons do they double, because I know I've had some that say not eligable for doubling? Is the sunday paper the best way to get coupons and look for the sales?