Friday, November 26, 2010


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. To me it was great, lots of food and family and we didn't have to drive! Thanks for coming to us guys!

My parents and siblings came, along with Chris' parents and my grandparents. Kyle came too! Sarah was thoughtful enough to take a few pictures with my camera:)

The munchkin spent most of the day looking like this. He was very enthralled with all the people who came to see him :) 
I was so glad that my grandparents came! Thank you for bringing them Dad and Mom. 
Otto and my Nana

Otto and his Minky

My Dad:)

Juan and Lisa with my Gaw-Gaw

Otto is teething which only adds to his love of chewing on things. :)
Uncle Michael has a better method, don't copy, pin them down!
I'm not sure what Uncle Israel was saying, but apparently he is hilarious!

After eating we watched the Aggie game before everyone headed home. (We won!) 
See the girl on the end? Today is her birthday! Happy 14th Birthday Abbey!

And this morning I left these two guy snoozing in bed and went to Kohls to hopefully find a new pair of tennis shoes for a deal. Thank you pregnancy for making my feet grow. I didn't find my size in store, (imagine that!) and ended up coming home and buying them online which saved me an additional 20%!

Now we are enjoying a lazy Friday at home with our brand new four month old. (As of yesterday!) Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday weekend!

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  1. Haha, yeah! I also like my version of sticking my hand in "his" mouth!!! :) Chyeah.