Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reaching and Grabbing!

In the last week Otto has really gained tactile skills. He loves to wrestle with Chris by grabbing a handful of hair in each hand and 'shaking' Chris' head back and forth. He thinks his play gym, with all its hanging toys, is the coolest thing ever, he is entertained by any inanimate object you hold in front of him, and when we nurse he grabs two fistfuls of shirt and propels himself head first into the boobs. 

Last night he was being a little grumpy, so Chris took him out in the back yard as a distraction. I guess they got a little too close to the trees because Otto purposefully snagged a leaf! We are so proud.
*Chris would like to remind everyone that he has a very high IQ and this picture only represents what his face looks like when he is impersonating a cheerleader.

** No offense meant to the cheerleaders out there.

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