Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh My Goodness.

So. Chris needed a haircut. He often does, he has impressively thick hair. We were out running errands and decided to try a new place on the way home. You know, one of those ten booth set-ups in a strip mall.

Le sigh. I should have known better.

Chris headed back first, and then I decided to get a trim as well. We got our haircuts and left.

This is where it gets dramatic. In the car I practically had to bite my tongue not to say anything about the rather interesting cut that Chris had received. But, I had told myself that his hair is his hair and and I should really stop telling him how to get it cut. I'm working on my control issues.

When he said, " Maybe you could just buzz it when we get home." I lost it. Insert dramatic freak out here.

Practically buzzed all over his head, but with two and a half inch bangs in the front. Very early nineties gangster it you add gel and bleach the bangs. And there were patches in the back, where she used clippers, that were almost an inch longer than the rest!
Oh, I called the salon. Apparently they don't have a return policy for haircuts. Imagine that. But they would try to fix it free of charge. We had a long chat (I was very nice, promise.) about what 'fixes' were appropriate. The girl understood and said  she would try her best. (not the original stylist)

Chris left for the salon and I turned to the pan of brownies I cooked yesterday.  

He walked in and said, "Buzz it."  *head/desk* 
And we have Christmas pictures in two weeks!

Maybe we'll shave his legs and glue it to the top of his head...


  1. :/


  2. Hahah ^
    He looks like Daniel now with that hair.... :)
    Funny. Personaly I would go with the first cut.

  3. For what it;s worth Dave thinks the second cut looks good, and Hannah thinks it makes Chris look more like