Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Jammies!

Otto got some new jammies from his Minky, size twelve months! Crazy but they almost fit, just a little too long:)
 I love that the feet have grips on them, I guess you are supposed to be able to walk when you fit in this size?
He has started crossing his ankles politely when we nurse and when he is playing on the floor, so cute! He also thinks he is super big and tries to sit up when he is in the car seat to look around.
This morning he woke up a little stuffy. And because Chris wasn't home to assist, I swaddled him before breaking out the suction bulb.
 Because he hates it. A lot.
Last time I tried swaddling him, he laughed (like a real giggle) at me and deftly removed his arms.
He screams bloody murder when you suction him. Poor guy hates it. But until he learns how to blow his nose it has to be done:(

When we finished he immediately stopped crying and gave me the stink eye. Home skillet was mad at me. 
But thanks to nursing, we are friends again:) The only thing he likes more than eating is his Dad.


  1. 1.) What is wrong with your baby! Why is he so big already?!?!?!?! Gosh Otto! Slow down a little! :(

    2.) The face where he's swaddled and is watching you with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension is hilarious!

  2. Okay I just showed Kyle and the pictures made him laugh out loud. :)

  3. ok Lydia, so I have lurked for a while but I just cannot NOT say something...(p.s. found your blog because I'm one of Sarah's adoring fans/clients). My baby Jackson is just a few weeks older than Otto. He had a cold for a while, thanks to daycare, and yes, the suctioning must be done. With the bulb syringe he would cry and scream and flail like I was hurting him. Turns out, I probably was after I noticed a little blood in the snot. After that I decided there HAD to be a better way. This is what I found:
    Best $15 I've ever spent. Seriously. It's 10 times more effective than the traditional aspirator and Jackson usually just looks at me funny/giggles when I suck out his boogers.

    Hope this helps!