Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Wednesday Baby!

 So awesome deals on groceries didn't garner any comments?! It was interesting to me! How about cute baby pictures, will that work? :)

Otto is really loving the jumperoo, I think he is finally big enough to feel comfortable in it. It's so cute, he spazzes out for the first few seconds and then gets really serious about figuring it out.

 Seriously y'all, I have the cutest kid.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I think he is pretty darn adorable!!! I love the shots of him holding his head up. Good job Lydia!!!

  2. yep it is true .... he is pretty darn cute!

  3. Otto is a nice way to start my day ; ) !! Isn't it funny how you wake up cheerful to a baby.
    Oh and I did snatch the $4.00 Wholly Gacamole ~ thanks!

  4. He's already bigger! His feet reach the ground in the jumparoo! :( He's DARN cute! :) Good picture's too! :)