Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here's How I Did It...

...and how you can too! (If you live in the DFW area and have a Kroger near by:))

If you want to get the exact deals that I got this week go here and print/load the coupons she suggests! Below I've added some tips to finding deals in the coming weeks at a store near you:)

Have a reason:  I coupon because I'm cheap frugal. Ridiculously so. Even my fairly thrifty husband thinks I'm to extreme at times:) I also do it because it's fun. Reading blogs is what I do while nursing and finding great deals on things we use everyday just makes me happy.

Be prepared to shop at more than one place: The best deals for the week might not be at your neighborhood store. If I am shopping Kroger, I have to drive 12 minutes south. HEB is 25 minutes. Albertson's and Brookshires are 5 minutes away. But if you end up saving 75% on your food for the week it might just be worth it!

'Finder' sites: These sites compile the deals in your area, not only groceries but clothes, home decor, restaurants, movie tickets, and lots of other things as well. Each week they will post coupon match-ups with the circulars from the grocery stores, listing the sales and where to buy/print the coupons. I use and most often, but have several other sites that I check as well. There are tons of coupon blogs out there, make sure to find one in your area! I didn't realize I was reading a blog in Ohio until I went to the store with my coupons and list only to find that none of them worked:(
The MyMommy site is part of a network of blogs that are available for many different areas. Go here to see if there is one in your area.

Coupon sites:  There are several sites that offer printable manufacturer coupons, you can generally print two of each coupon.
And there are sites that will clip specific coupons for you from sale sheets and mail them to you while the sale is running. So if you find an amazing deal on a product you want to stock mass quantities of you're covered. I have not gotten this crazy involved yet:)
And this site has a database of just about very printable coupon out there.

Store policies:
Store cards: Some stores (like Kroger and Brookshires) have Thank you or Rewards cards. Make sure you sign up for these (they're free!) so you can receive their sale prices. Also, if you register your card on the company's website you can load electronic coupons on to it.
Double and Triple: In my area, Kroger, Albertson's and Brookshires will double a coupon up to .50 cents and triple a coupon up to .35 cents. This is what makes shopping these stores worth it. Other stores, (Wal-mart, HEB, Target, drug stores) while having lower prices per item, take the coupon at face value.
Combining coupons: Remember that you can combine an in store coupon with a manufacturer coupon to save even more!

Sale dates: Grocery ads change on Wednesdays, so check your favorite website for sale match-ups then. Super centers like Target and Wal-mart change on the weekend. (I believe.)

Have a plan: Before you head out the door stop and make a list. Print/gather/load the coupons you will be using and then stick to the list! Deviating and buying that four dollar package of cookies (I'm so guilty here!) will completely negate what you are trying to do! Only buy (in mass) what is on a super sale. If you stock your pantry when an item is at it's lowest price point, you will only have to full price for the basic essentials that you buy every week. (Milk, bread, produce) Don't get me wrong, you will still have to buy items at normal prices, you just won't have to buy all your items at normal prices! Know what you are willing to pay for an item. I stock up (three months worth) when I find an item at 75% off, and buy for the next two week when items are 50% off. (Example: When I find cereal at a dollar or cheaper per box, I fill the top shelf of the pantry.)

And remember, stores are refunded the value of the coupon plus an eight cent processing fee per item. Most stores really like couponers for this reason. Don't feel odd paying with coupons! Happy shopping!

No post is complete without a picture of the munchkin. Here he is this morning!

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