Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We made our goal and were moved into the new house in time for Halloween! And we got lots of super cute trick or treaters. So many that we ran out of 'good' candy and had to break out the leftover Christmas candy from last year:) Several of the parents looked suspicious, but the kids were pumped.

"Candy canes?! Yes!"

Otto styled his giraffe costume that just barely fit, and he and I made dinner in between door bell rings. Chris was hard at work in the garage installing a garage door opener. Here his growling at me for interrupting him once again:)
I couldn't help myself; living in a real neighborhood and having trick or treaters?! SO EXCITING!!! He really is quite handy--I'm very blessed to have a husband who stays up late so I can get in and out of the garage with a click of a button. 

Cutest giraffe ever sitting up all by himself!
Don't worry, Chris was very close spotting him.
He even had a tail:)

Halfway through the evening Otto had a wardrobe change. Fuzzy giraffe outfits are way to hot for a Texas Halloween.

Zebra baby!
This morning we had an appointment at the pediatrician to get another shot. (We're doing a slow poke schedule) Otto did great, didn't even cry! Such a brave boy. While we were there we talked the nurse into letting us weigh him. 16 pounds 10 ounces at three months old--big kidlet!


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  3. Your father was 17 lbs at three months according to Nana, who is having her 64th wedding anniversary today.

  4. I think he is the cutest giraffe I have ever seen!! And I agree, he is cooler than sliced bread. =) Love you guys!!

  5. Wow!! So cute baby. The giraffe costume is really looking best on him. For my Halloween party I went with a lovely party at LA venue. Had awesome themed costumes for the gusts. Everyone was dressed in their best. We all enjoyed a lot and had amazing day.