Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food Score!

So, I have this BEA-utiful new refrigerator that was quite empty. This will not do. I love food. I mean, really love food. I majored in it at school, no lie.

When the fridge was delivered I got a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about going grocery shopping to fill it:) But, I have (unfortunately) just put myself on a budget because I spend way too much on food. And because I have to free up some spending money to buy decor for our seriously barren walls. The house is a wee bit bigger than the apartment. We have a 29x10 foot wall in the living/dining room with nothing on it. (This is where the wardrobe is going Dad!)

So, I've decided to take up hardcore couponing. And by hardcore I mean I won't be buying anything but the necessities unless I have a coupon to combine with a sale. Bring on the Sunday paper and redplum.com, here I go! 

My grocery trip for the day. Total spent 17.35. Without sales and coupons I would have spent 44.46. That's nuts people. Groceries are WAY too expensive where we live. Groceries are way too expensive period.  Couponing is fantastic! I would have never bought the pumpkin spice creamers if they hadn't been .32 cents each. And they are delicious; I could drink the stuff!

And take note that I bought five pounds of meat, without it I would have only spent 8.92! * dorky happy dance*
The sells change tomorrow, and I can't wait to see what great sale/coupon matches there are!!! Get excited people!


  1. love it! Have you heard of the website thegrocerygame.com? The lady does all the coupon work for you. You pay a small fee (maybe $4 a month or something) and then you see what all the coupons are at the stores you shop at. My friend saved enough her first shopping trip using this girls thing to pay for a year's worth of uses. I have got to learn how to coupon clip. . . any tips?

  2. O.K.so what types of diapers agree with Otto? We'll watch and clip those for you.
    Sometimes for a day brightener we'll leave a "strong" coupon on a product we don't use but know someone is going to pick up. Enjoy!