Sunday, November 28, 2010


On Sunday mornings we go to church...and because we have a rather vocal baby we don't sit in the main sanctuary. Instead, we hang out in the media room where the sermons are recorded; we can still hear the message and we don't cause a disruption. 

This is Mrs. Holt, she is in charge of recording and shipping tapes/cds/mp3s all over the world. Otto and I love hanging out with her and her daughter Cindy. Occasionally, her great granddaughter, Lily (who is just a week older than Otto), joins us too!

Cindy's husband Jim was a total sweetheart and spent a few days last week transforming one of the storage rooms into a more comfortable place for the munchkin and I. He even replaced the folding chairs with a love-seat to make nursing easier. Thank you Jim!

Otto is becoming more and more mobile every day, so we are very thankful to have a place where he can wiggle/squirm/talk as much as he wants:) If there is a toy out of his reach, he will now roll to get closer to it. He makes it look easy now but just last week he was still struggling to free his arms after rolling.
Daddy is sitting with us today?! It's party time!
Poor Sofie (the giraffe teether) doesn't stand a chance against his newly discovered dexterity:)

Otto the mighty giraffe hunter. First he captures...
...then he licks her to death!
 This is his 'Please, can I have the toy?' face. :)