Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Hiya peeps!
Let me start this by saying moving is for the birds. We are loving being in our new house, but seriously, the moving process? It never ends! Things are slowly coming together though--Chris hung curtains in the living/dining room last night! Hopefully we'll be put together enough soon so I will be able to post a house tour:)

Last night (while Chris was hanging my curtains!!!) Otto and I read a few bedtime stories. I, with my love of structure, have decided that we need a better bedtime routine. Otto goes to bed between 8:00-10:30 whenever he finally crashes, and he always wakes up in the morning between 7:30-8:00. Generally he is overtired at this point and nurses until he falls asleep/wakes up as soon as you lay him down at least three times before going to sleep for the night. This isn't working. Not only does it take two hours and exhausts both of us, but Chris really can't be a part of bedtime because Otto needs to nurse. Nap-times during the day are nothing like this, I lay him down when I notice tired signs (So cute! He's started covering his eyes with his hands to block out the light:)), and after five or so minutes of talking to himself/minimal fussing he's out. Night time needs to be like this. For both our sakes.

So here is the new routine we are going to try for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference.
7:30 Bath/lotion, fresh diaper, and pajamas
7:45 Read books (Until he loses interest. Last night we made it through one story.)
7:55 Nurse/burp
8:15 In bed for the night (Going in to soothe/dance/rock after ten minutes if he's not asleep)

Last night went pretty well, I only had to go in once to soothe him and I believe that was because he needed to burp. He did wake up after being asleep for about an hour, but as soon as I picked him up he fell right back to sleep, maybe a bad dream? He was asleep by 8:40pm and slept until 7:45am. Yay!

Wish us luck that this helps!
Bedtime stories! (He loves his fingers.)

I might be a little more excited about this than he is:)
He really is loving his play mat. I was worried that he was regressing because he has stopped rolling over. So this morning I rolled him from his back to his tummy during playtime. He looked up at me like he wanted to say, 'What the heck woman, I was working here!', and immediately rolled back to his back and grabbed the toy he was playing with. Guess my fears were ungrounded, he just wants to be on his back right now!

Look how well he is doing grabbing/holding things!


  1. OoooohoOOHO! Hahah, nice schedule! :) Just make sure you change his diaper when it's dirty. Not certian times... ;)
    Jk jk, lOve ya.

  2. I saw some old board books of ours at the Bazils the other day and it literally did something like a jump to my "heart". I'm sure you"'ll enjoy reading to your little man ! Children are God's gift. He delights to give us pleasure and pains to discipline us.

  3. Sooooo how did he do with the new schedule last night ? 11/5 ?