Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Big Four Month Old!

This big guy turn four months old on Thanksgiving. Craziness. He's already a third of the way through his first  year!
Mrs. Smith sent him these jammies and they are a perfect fit; size 6-9 months. Aren't they cute? He is fascinated by the bears on the feet, I tried taking pictures of him sitting up but he kept folding himself in half to play with them:)

His stats from his four month check-up with the pediatrician:
  • Weight: 18 pounds and 5.5 ounces. 65th percentile, starting to get long and lean.
  • Height: 27 3/8 inches. Over the 95th percentile, taller than most seven month olds!
  • Hitting all the developmental milestones for a six month old. Yay Otto! This is probably the reason he is slimming down, he's a very active little guy!
Other fun things he's doing:
  • Really starting to enjoy tummy time. If you lay him on his back he will flip over as soon as you look away, then he gets frustrated because he's stuck:)
  • Becoming more mobile by the day, rolling and wiggling to get toys that are out of reach. I've found him a few times napping with his foot propped up on the side of the pack'n'play and his body turned completely sideways.
  • Wears 6-9 month clothes in just about everything and size 3 diapers.
  • Loves to play peekaboo. It always makes him smile and about half the time sends him into a giggle fit.
  • Speaking of fits...he's discovering what those are as well:( Boo! 
  • Still loves being outside and riding in the stroller. 
  • Becoming more interactive. He will imitate you if you growl or make the 'mmmm' sound, and he is startled by weird noises. Chris was using a hacksaw on the back porch, and the sound must have really terrified Otto. He cried and was shaking until we went inside:( 
  • Eats like a horse and tried diluted apple juice last week (Medicinally! We were trying to unclog the pipes.) Of course, he LOVED it. Sorry buddy, we plan on delaying food until six months.
  • Can almost sit up, but he still struggles with balancing and his arms aren't quite strong enough to support him in a tripod. He also loves to push to a standing position in your lap, the face he makes lets you know he thinks he is SO BIG!

And, unfortunately, turning four months old also means more shots. This is how we all felt about that, Mommy and Daddy included. :(

Otto was a trooper and now we are home cuddling on the couch with Tylenol for the munchkin, cookies for Mommy, and text message pictures for Daddy:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


On Sunday mornings we go to church...and because we have a rather vocal baby we don't sit in the main sanctuary. Instead, we hang out in the media room where the sermons are recorded; we can still hear the message and we don't cause a disruption. 

This is Mrs. Holt, she is in charge of recording and shipping tapes/cds/mp3s all over the world. Otto and I love hanging out with her and her daughter Cindy. Occasionally, her great granddaughter, Lily (who is just a week older than Otto), joins us too!

Cindy's husband Jim was a total sweetheart and spent a few days last week transforming one of the storage rooms into a more comfortable place for the munchkin and I. He even replaced the folding chairs with a love-seat to make nursing easier. Thank you Jim!

Otto is becoming more and more mobile every day, so we are very thankful to have a place where he can wiggle/squirm/talk as much as he wants:) If there is a toy out of his reach, he will now roll to get closer to it. He makes it look easy now but just last week he was still struggling to free his arms after rolling.
Daddy is sitting with us today?! It's party time!
Poor Sofie (the giraffe teether) doesn't stand a chance against his newly discovered dexterity:)

Otto the mighty giraffe hunter. First he captures...
...then he licks her to death!
 This is his 'Please, can I have the toy?' face. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Baby Is Awesome. True Story.

It's been awhile since I've posted a video. To make up for that, here is the CUTEST VIDEO EVER!

Otto gets slap happy when he's tired, which happened quite a lot today because he had a big day yesterday:)
He obviously thinks his Daddy is the funniest man alive, maybe the hair cut has more merit than I thought? :)


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. To me it was great, lots of food and family and we didn't have to drive! Thanks for coming to us guys!

My parents and siblings came, along with Chris' parents and my grandparents. Kyle came too! Sarah was thoughtful enough to take a few pictures with my camera:)

The munchkin spent most of the day looking like this. He was very enthralled with all the people who came to see him :) 
I was so glad that my grandparents came! Thank you for bringing them Dad and Mom. 
Otto and my Nana

Otto and his Minky

My Dad:)

Juan and Lisa with my Gaw-Gaw

Otto is teething which only adds to his love of chewing on things. :)
Uncle Michael has a better method, don't copy, pin them down!
I'm not sure what Uncle Israel was saying, but apparently he is hilarious!

After eating we watched the Aggie game before everyone headed home. (We won!) 
See the girl on the end? Today is her birthday! Happy 14th Birthday Abbey!

And this morning I left these two guy snoozing in bed and went to Kohls to hopefully find a new pair of tennis shoes for a deal. Thank you pregnancy for making my feet grow. I didn't find my size in store, (imagine that!) and ended up coming home and buying them online which saved me an additional 20%!

Now we are enjoying a lazy Friday at home with our brand new four month old. (As of yesterday!) Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday weekend!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Tonight we went for a walk at the middle school near our neighborhood. Well, Otto and I walked, Chris ran. Crazy man. The munchkin and I have been taking walks in our neighborhood (on the sidewalks!), but Chris wanted to be able to measure the exact distance, so off to the track we went!
Wanna know why I look so happy in this picture?! Those are PRE-BABY jeans people!!! It's taken four months and a ridiciously high calorie diet to get to this point, but they fit! And the timing is perfect, it's getting too cold to run around in sundresses and shorts. (Only things that have fit up until this point.)  I still have a ways to go before I'm back to normal weight, but these jeans button and that's a start. :)

My men before. Isn't Otto's sweater vest darling?
 Playing rocket ship baby. This was right before a blast off:)
 I talked Chris into showing me a racing start and he enough of a sense of humor to let me post the pictures.
 Mad skills, I tell you, mad skills.
 Otto has really started to enjoy the stroller, and it really wears him out, double score!
Run, Daddy, run!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My blog is being taken over!

...by sweet grocery deals! This couponing business is so. much. fun!

Otto is shocked and amazed by the awesomeness:) 
How many cookies did you buy Mommy?!

Here's what we bought:
4 boxes of cereal (2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 1 Lucky Charms, 1 Trix) (Chris is a little bit of a cereal fan, so anytime I can get it for under a dollar a box I buy several.)
1 Wheat Thins
1 Ritz Crackers
2 Grands Cinnamon Rolls
10 packages of Break and Bake cookies

Total before sales and coupons? 53.23

I only paid 9.78! And I have a catalina (store coupon) for a dollar off my next shopping trip! SWEET!

Here's how you can do this too! Because of the catalina that prints (1.00 off your next transaction when you buy four Pillsbury products in the same purchase) I did three transactions in the self check out line.

Transaction One: (I'm not sure why the ecoupon and manufacturer coupons worked together. I don't think that normally happens, but still a good deal even without them! Load your store card on Cellfire.com)
Cereal 2.49 a box
-.55 off Trix ecoupon
-.55 off Lucky Charms ecoupon
-4.00 store promotion for buying 4 boxes
-1.00/2 boxes of GM cereal manufacturer coupon (used two, from the 11/14 Sunday paper)

2  Nabisco Crackers on sale 1.99 a box
- 1.00 off Nabisco crackers (used two, 11/14 Sunday paper)

4 Pillsbury cookies on sale 2.49
-1.00/2 ecoupon
-4.00 store promotion for buying four
-1.25/2 blinkie machine near cookies (used two)

Total: 6.04 and a 1.00 catalina printed!

Transaction Two:
4 Pillsbury cookies on sale 2.49
-4.00 store promotion for buying four
-1.25/2 blinkie machine near cookies (used two)
-1.00 catalina

Total: 2.46 and another catalina printed!

Transaction Three:
2 Pillsbury cookies on sale 2.49
2 Grands Cinnamon Rolls 2.49
-4.00 store promotion for buying four
-1.25/2 blinkie machine near cookies (used one)
-.50/1 Grands Cinnamon rolls (used two, 11/14 Sunday paper) (these doubled)
-1.00 catalina

Total: 1.28 and another catalina printed! (This one I saved for my next shopping trip!)

Michael, come see me and I will feed you all the cookies you want. :)

PS: If you invite me to a holiday party, guess what I'm bringing?! Cookies!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Aren't y'all excited?! Another post about grocery shopping! I think I can hear my siblings groaning from here:) Sorry you guys, but I happen to be really excited about the sweet deals I got this week, you'll just have to suffer!

Target: I used this coupon on three clearance items! Three new pajama pieces for me for 5.54. Yay! (click the apparel category)

Yard Sales: Early Saturday morning I went garage sale shopping while the guys slept in. We live in area with lots of neighborhoods, so I was able to stay close in case Otto woke up and needed to eat; I could easily be home in five minutes. I found these great Fisher Price toys for the munchkin, only a dollar each!  He loves the one in the middle, it lights up and he is VERY impressed by it. I also got him a hilariously cute sweater vest.
Groceries: (My favorite!) 
Total before sales and coupons 14.27. I only paid .70 cents! And .33 cents of my total came from the spaghetti seasoning I needed for tonight's dinner. Without it I would have only spent .37 cents! You couldn't buy a single item in this picture for that. The cashier checked my coupons twice, I don't think she could believe it either:) (These coupons came from the Sunday paper, if you don't want the coupon inserts save them for me please!)

Total 1.66! I threw away the receipt so I'm not sure what the total savings were. These coupons are available on coolsavings.com and the Kroger website.

Otto is a terrific shopping buddy, he is very content to people watch and is a scandalous flirt. :)

And please don't think that I only get good deals on groceries. Otto and I ran all over town yesterday (five different stores) and spent twenty dollars on chocolate alone! But hey, it's the holidays and we are making these little guys for Chris' office:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Jammies!

Otto got some new jammies from his Minky, size twelve months! Crazy but they almost fit, just a little too long:)
 I love that the feet have grips on them, I guess you are supposed to be able to walk when you fit in this size?
He has started crossing his ankles politely when we nurse and when he is playing on the floor, so cute! He also thinks he is super big and tries to sit up when he is in the car seat to look around.
This morning he woke up a little stuffy. And because Chris wasn't home to assist, I swaddled him before breaking out the suction bulb.
 Because he hates it. A lot.
Last time I tried swaddling him, he laughed (like a real giggle) at me and deftly removed his arms.
He screams bloody murder when you suction him. Poor guy hates it. But until he learns how to blow his nose it has to be done:(

When we finished he immediately stopped crying and gave me the stink eye. Home skillet was mad at me. 
But thanks to nursing, we are friends again:) The only thing he likes more than eating is his Dad.