Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend was the first real chunk of time that we have had to work on the house. We spent it painting, cleaning, replacing locks, doing minor repair work to the chimney, killing the massive wasp nest on the back porch, and replacing dead light bulbs.

Otto and I went over Friday afternoon to get a head start on bleaching the bathrooms and Chris joined us after work. Oh sweet goodness, I have never seen nastier toilets! Talk about gross. I don't know who left them in that situation, but shame on you. Disgusting things like that should be illegal. But they are all better now, thanks to a combination of Comet/bleach wipes/Windex/degreaser/antibacterial spray, so don't be scared when you visit. One positive thing about the toilets is that they have easily removable seats. They just snap on and off, made sanitizing them much easier! (Don't worry Otto was safely in the other room.)

That evening Chris worked some magic on the outside electrical plugs and I started painting Otto's room. 

The theme is going to be elephants.
He was such a trooper and played contentedly most of the weekend. Such a good boy!
On Saturday afternoon, Chris' best buddy Shawn and his wife Jessica came over and helped with the painting. They also brought dinner, which was great, thanks guys!
Otto's room!
Sunday morning I dressed Otto in his blue jeans (size six months!) for the first time, and Chris wore a matching outfit. I didn't even have to ask, he dressed himself after seeing Otto:) When we got to church, Shawn was matching as well!
Notice how they both have to hold him? Otto + Car seat= A ton!
Sunday afternoon Chris and I painted our room. Now we only have the foyer to paint and possibly an accent wall in the kitchen before we can move in!
Master bedroom!
I had the good camera but for some reason took mostly iphone pictures, but hey, at least I took pictures!

Otto and I are going refrigerator shopping as soon as he wakes up from his nap, wish us luck!


  1. Good luck! By one with a big icebox for icecream!!

  2. yeah for Shawn & Jessica!
    I promise Abbey, Michael & all of us would have rather been there.

  3. Im craving me some new maroon sauce right now.