Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Month Old Photos

Otto and I spent the day picking up painting supplies for the new house, hopefully we'll make some major progress this weekend. Expect pictures!

When Otto's Aunt Sarah visited last she took pictures to commemorate his turning two month birthday. Aren't they adorable?
Pumpkin Baby!
I think he's wondering why we put him in a pumpkin full of warm water here:)
Such a big boy!
He's looks so BIG to me here.
Aren't they starting to look alike?
Future musical star?
My favorite picture yet!
Such a poser:)
Naked baby!
Maybe he got my chin?
This is his "Hey, watch me." face.
He is changing so fast.
He's a beast! I could only hold this pose for .03 seconds.
Armpit wrinkles? Why yes, we have those. 
Hopefully we get to continue this series, it might mean I have to take the chair with us on visits to Bryan!
Isn't the change ridiculous? Notice how Chris' muscles have gotten bigger, Otto is heavy!


  1. You definitely have to measure the distance from that Weldy frame and the chair so we can repeat it in your new house.

  2. Wahhh. He gettin old.
    Sooo can we come down like day after tomorrow??? :)!! What have mommie and you worked out!?
    Ice ice baby, tooo cooold.

  3. Too cute! Your baby boy is so pretty .... Can you call a boy pretty? Well I did anyways:)