Friday, October 22, 2010

Otto Update

We have been working hardcore on the new house and blogging has definitely taken a back burner. Heck, sleep has taken a back burner. But we are getting close to being done and hopefully will be moving in next weekend right in time to meet all the tricker treaters!

Otto has been changing so much in the last few days and because he will be THREE MONTHS OLD next Monday (his Aunt Sarah's birthday!) I thought I would document his skills on the blog:)


Amazing! For the past week he has slept from 8:30-9:30pm to 7:30am. No more 4:00am feedings for me! (crosses fingers) His nap schedule still varies greatly, sometimes he will only nap for 45 minutes at a time and occasionally he will have a day where he naps for two and a half hour chunkc. Those are highly productive days for me:) One funny thing about nap time, when you lay him down he will grab onto your arm, trying to hang on or take you with him. I think it's his last ditch effort to stay awake:)


Playtime is so fun now; he becomes more interactive by the day! A few weeks ago playtime meant laying on the floor cooing at the ceiling. But now, he grins and kicks and rolls! That's right, on Wednesday, after showing no previous interest in any real physical activity, he started rolling back to front. I guess he just made up his mind to do it and did:) He's not very good at it yet, and will get stuck mid roll. Then he gets angry if you don't come and flip him all the way over. 


All the time. Well, it feels like all the time, but he really is a very efficient eater. We nurse about twenty minutes, five times a day. The only thing that slows us down is the fact that he likes to flirt. Its hard to eat and smile or talk at the same time:) It's cute now, but if he does this in a few years we might have a problem...people talking with their mouth full is my biggest pet peeve!

Comfort items:

He is starting to develop preferences. The lovey blanket (minky dot and silky) that his Aunt Abbey made for him becoming a huge favorite, it's adorable how he holds it while he sleeps. He also prefers his crinkly elephant toy over any of the others. And anytime he is playing he chews on his hands, either his entire fist or just his fore fingers. 


Riding in the car was become a much more pleasant experience. Don't get me wrong, he still has his meltdowns, but they are more of the 'get me out of this darn car seat now' variety not the 'I feel abandoned, no one loves me' variety.  Although he much prefers someone to keep him company, he can ride happily in the back by himself. It's the cutest thing hearing him talking to himself while were driving! If we leave at nap time he goes right to sleep, but if its playtime he is generally happy to watch the world go by.

And like the super genuis I am, I totally forgot the camera at the new house yesterday, so all the pictures I've been taking will have to wait until tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight if I get my act together.


  1. I am so excited he can roll over!! GO Otto man!! And I am even more excited he is sleeping through the night!! Yay for y'all!

  2. Haha Love it that you can tell the different between his two crys... :) I want to visit! YOU!