Sunday, October 24, 2010

I heart Lisa.

Only two posts for the entire week? Man, I've been slacking:) But I don't project it getting any better in the next week because we will be MOVING!!! *happy dance*

We spent this weekend working on the house, but we had help! Chris' parents came to visit and naturally we put them to work:) Lisa is a doll baby and dives right into project we give her. I pretty much scored in the mother-in-law department. In a phone converstation during the week, I told her about the coffee table we Chris was going to build me. And guess what? She brought it to me. Completely cut out, put together, and stunning.
All we had to do was sand and stain it! Doesn't she have mad skills!?
It's currently drying in the garage and I'm going to polyurethane it later this week. Its going to be shiny and water proof:)
And because an awesome, built to order coffee table wasn't enough, she also made us a new dining room table. Lisa works at a hardware/lumber store and had the opportunity to buy a really fancy-shmancy door that had been damaged. Because she has an artist's eye, she immediately saw its possibilities. Dining and end tables for Lydia.

For the record, Juan and I HELPED A LOT. And we have pictures to prove it.

Isn't it BEA-utiful?

I'm going to leave the table top like it is and paint everything else bright white. We're also going to buy a sheet of glass to protect the top. 

Because his grandparents were visiting Otto got lots of extra snuggle time. He loved it! Yesterday he napped for maybe and hour and a half. I guess he didn't want to miss anything! Otto absolutely loves Juan, (most babies do) they spent a lot of time playing together.
And Otto learned a new trick! He has started reaching for toys! His aim is still a little off, but he gets so pleased when he actually succeeds at grabbing the toys on his bouncy seat.

On Saturday the Cooke girls came to visit! Charity and Faith were running the Muddy Buddy and brought Hope to take pictures and watch Olivia. We were so glad to get to see them. I love this picture, Otto looks shocked and Olivia is cracking up!
 Here he is telling Charity his life story; our little man is quite the talker!
Aren't they amazing? They are just 13 days apart, but they are so different. Olivia is very delicate and athletic, while Otto is a very handsome chub.
 He really soaked up all the extra attention.
Cuddling with Hope
Tummy time on the floor. I think they were more fascinated by the mirror than each other.
Our house is really shaping up. We are done painting, and are slowly starting to move things over. I took all of our wall decor over and even talked Chris into hanging our name plaque in the kitchen. Looking good!
Wish us luck with the move!


  1. I love, love, love the green wall! I love the tables that you had custom made also!! You did pick the right family to marry into. And I must say you have the most awesome sister-in-law also, even though she wasn't there to help. =)

  2. Good luck on the move! :)
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    Have a good day!