Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gameday Saturday!

 It's really quite nice to be married to an engineer. Quite nice.

This morning Tiffany the Pathfinder got a new battery...

...and the washing machine was repaired! It is NOT cool to be without a washing machine when you have a two month old.
Apparently something called a dog agit broke. Crumbled into a million pieces.
But Chris is highly skilled and fixed it in about twenty minutes with a ten dollar part. I married well people, I really did.
Otto woke up from his nap just in time to watch:)
Isn't he cute? And he has a new skill. He rolled over last night! Tummy to back, rolling left. Chris and I were both playing with him, so neither of us missed it! I had just put him on his stomach for tummy time. I tucked his hands under his chest so he wasn't doing a face plant to begin with, and he pushed himself up and fell all the way over! It might have been an accident, but I'm claiming it anyway:)

Here are a few more pictures I took last night and this morning. 
Chubby legs!
Our happy man!

This afternoon we plan on lots of catch-up laundry and watching the Aggies take on the Razorbacks. I love it when Big Twelve football is televised!


  1. I was gonna say something like that!! ^
    :) He's sooo cuteee. :) WOW ROLLED OVER! Ot-to-
    boy. Good job Chris...

  2. Glad hes watching his dad , maybe he'll get some of those handy skills too.