Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Michael:)

Otto is recovering nicely from his cold and has been doing a great job taking consistent naps over the last couple of days.  He only fusses a few minutes before falling asleep in his own bed with only a little help from Mommy! He still prefers someone to stay in the room while he is sleeping (How he knows, I have no idea), but we are making progress. Hopefully we'll reach a point where he can lay down/fall asleep happily soon. Here are a few pictures from playtime this morning.

Also, a huge congratulations to Mark and Kristen. Their little man, Reid, arrived today! He is such a cutie!

Hi Uncle Michael!

Always talking:)

What? I'm about to fall over?!
He's really starting to enjoy the jumperoo. I think he was a wee bit intimidated by it at first:)
Wow! This thing is cool!
Just chillin'.


  1. Hahaha, the last one he's all like, "I'm just to cool for skool."

  2. We so wish we could have seen you today. Bummed everyone not to see Otto, he is changing daily!!

  3. That jumperoo is by far the best baby item we ever bought. My hubby and I always say that we got our money's worth! Otto is such a handsome little guy!