Sunday, October 31, 2010

I would blog but...

....the camera battery is dead. And a dead camera equals no pictures. And who wants to read a picture-less blog post?

Cross your fingers I find the charger tomorrow, we're elbow deep in boxes right now!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roadside Score

Yesterday Otto and I took a load of boxes to the new house. On the way we passed a house that looked like it was in the process of a remodel. In the front yard there was a large pile of large trash, and being the accomplished dumpster diver that I am, I ran a practiced eye over the heap looking for anything salvageable.

Look what I saw and subsequently did a screeching u-turn for!
Pretty cool, right?

The inhabitants of the house even helped me load it! And, as it turns out, they aren't remodeling they just get a lot of donations. The house is really the base of a local prison ministry. :)

I plan on recovering it to match our living room. Something wild like this or a solid cream/red with crazy throw pillows. Whatever I find on sale or for free on the side of the road;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Major Owie

Ok, so it's really just a large self inflicted scratch, but it looks painful to me!
You know those photo albums full of nasty pictures of  'This is when I wrecked my bike!' or the time 'I got staples in my head!'?  

You don't? Oh, I guess just my family has those...

Well, Otto started his today. Last night I trimmed his finger nails after he fell asleep. All but three because he woke up in the middle of the process. Chris soothed him back to sleep and I put the clippers up thinking I would just finish in the morning. Mommy fail. He obviously decided to make good use of those talons while he still had them and really scratched his forehead. He's scratched himself before, but it always healed in thirty seconds, never breaking the skin.

And because my three month old giant baby looked so big sitting on the bed while I picked out his clothes for the day, we took a few more pictures. :)

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I heart Lisa.

Only two posts for the entire week? Man, I've been slacking:) But I don't project it getting any better in the next week because we will be MOVING!!! *happy dance*

We spent this weekend working on the house, but we had help! Chris' parents came to visit and naturally we put them to work:) Lisa is a doll baby and dives right into project we give her. I pretty much scored in the mother-in-law department. In a phone converstation during the week, I told her about the coffee table we Chris was going to build me. And guess what? She brought it to me. Completely cut out, put together, and stunning.
All we had to do was sand and stain it! Doesn't she have mad skills!?
It's currently drying in the garage and I'm going to polyurethane it later this week. Its going to be shiny and water proof:)
And because an awesome, built to order coffee table wasn't enough, she also made us a new dining room table. Lisa works at a hardware/lumber store and had the opportunity to buy a really fancy-shmancy door that had been damaged. Because she has an artist's eye, she immediately saw its possibilities. Dining and end tables for Lydia.

For the record, Juan and I HELPED A LOT. And we have pictures to prove it.

Isn't it BEA-utiful?

I'm going to leave the table top like it is and paint everything else bright white. We're also going to buy a sheet of glass to protect the top. 

Because his grandparents were visiting Otto got lots of extra snuggle time. He loved it! Yesterday he napped for maybe and hour and a half. I guess he didn't want to miss anything! Otto absolutely loves Juan, (most babies do) they spent a lot of time playing together.
And Otto learned a new trick! He has started reaching for toys! His aim is still a little off, but he gets so pleased when he actually succeeds at grabbing the toys on his bouncy seat.

On Saturday the Cooke girls came to visit! Charity and Faith were running the Muddy Buddy and brought Hope to take pictures and watch Olivia. We were so glad to get to see them. I love this picture, Otto looks shocked and Olivia is cracking up!
 Here he is telling Charity his life story; our little man is quite the talker!
Aren't they amazing? They are just 13 days apart, but they are so different. Olivia is very delicate and athletic, while Otto is a very handsome chub.
 He really soaked up all the extra attention.
Cuddling with Hope
Tummy time on the floor. I think they were more fascinated by the mirror than each other.
Our house is really shaping up. We are done painting, and are slowly starting to move things over. I took all of our wall decor over and even talked Chris into hanging our name plaque in the kitchen. Looking good!
Wish us luck with the move!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Otto Update

We have been working hardcore on the new house and blogging has definitely taken a back burner. Heck, sleep has taken a back burner. But we are getting close to being done and hopefully will be moving in next weekend right in time to meet all the tricker treaters!

Otto has been changing so much in the last few days and because he will be THREE MONTHS OLD next Monday (his Aunt Sarah's birthday!) I thought I would document his skills on the blog:)


Amazing! For the past week he has slept from 8:30-9:30pm to 7:30am. No more 4:00am feedings for me! (crosses fingers) His nap schedule still varies greatly, sometimes he will only nap for 45 minutes at a time and occasionally he will have a day where he naps for two and a half hour chunkc. Those are highly productive days for me:) One funny thing about nap time, when you lay him down he will grab onto your arm, trying to hang on or take you with him. I think it's his last ditch effort to stay awake:)


Playtime is so fun now; he becomes more interactive by the day! A few weeks ago playtime meant laying on the floor cooing at the ceiling. But now, he grins and kicks and rolls! That's right, on Wednesday, after showing no previous interest in any real physical activity, he started rolling back to front. I guess he just made up his mind to do it and did:) He's not very good at it yet, and will get stuck mid roll. Then he gets angry if you don't come and flip him all the way over. 


All the time. Well, it feels like all the time, but he really is a very efficient eater. We nurse about twenty minutes, five times a day. The only thing that slows us down is the fact that he likes to flirt. Its hard to eat and smile or talk at the same time:) It's cute now, but if he does this in a few years we might have a problem...people talking with their mouth full is my biggest pet peeve!

Comfort items:

He is starting to develop preferences. The lovey blanket (minky dot and silky) that his Aunt Abbey made for him becoming a huge favorite, it's adorable how he holds it while he sleeps. He also prefers his crinkly elephant toy over any of the others. And anytime he is playing he chews on his hands, either his entire fist or just his fore fingers. 


Riding in the car was become a much more pleasant experience. Don't get me wrong, he still has his meltdowns, but they are more of the 'get me out of this darn car seat now' variety not the 'I feel abandoned, no one loves me' variety.  Although he much prefers someone to keep him company, he can ride happily in the back by himself. It's the cutest thing hearing him talking to himself while were driving! If we leave at nap time he goes right to sleep, but if its playtime he is generally happy to watch the world go by.

And like the super genuis I am, I totally forgot the camera at the new house yesterday, so all the pictures I've been taking will have to wait until tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight if I get my act together.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend was the first real chunk of time that we have had to work on the house. We spent it painting, cleaning, replacing locks, doing minor repair work to the chimney, killing the massive wasp nest on the back porch, and replacing dead light bulbs.

Otto and I went over Friday afternoon to get a head start on bleaching the bathrooms and Chris joined us after work. Oh sweet goodness, I have never seen nastier toilets! Talk about gross. I don't know who left them in that situation, but shame on you. Disgusting things like that should be illegal. But they are all better now, thanks to a combination of Comet/bleach wipes/Windex/degreaser/antibacterial spray, so don't be scared when you visit. One positive thing about the toilets is that they have easily removable seats. They just snap on and off, made sanitizing them much easier! (Don't worry Otto was safely in the other room.)

That evening Chris worked some magic on the outside electrical plugs and I started painting Otto's room. 

The theme is going to be elephants.
He was such a trooper and played contentedly most of the weekend. Such a good boy!
On Saturday afternoon, Chris' best buddy Shawn and his wife Jessica came over and helped with the painting. They also brought dinner, which was great, thanks guys!
Otto's room!
Sunday morning I dressed Otto in his blue jeans (size six months!) for the first time, and Chris wore a matching outfit. I didn't even have to ask, he dressed himself after seeing Otto:) When we got to church, Shawn was matching as well!
Notice how they both have to hold him? Otto + Car seat= A ton!
Sunday afternoon Chris and I painted our room. Now we only have the foyer to paint and possibly an accent wall in the kitchen before we can move in!
Master bedroom!
I had the good camera but for some reason took mostly iphone pictures, but hey, at least I took pictures!

Otto and I are going refrigerator shopping as soon as he wakes up from his nap, wish us luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Month Old Photos

Otto and I spent the day picking up painting supplies for the new house, hopefully we'll make some major progress this weekend. Expect pictures!

When Otto's Aunt Sarah visited last she took pictures to commemorate his turning two month birthday. Aren't they adorable?
Pumpkin Baby!
I think he's wondering why we put him in a pumpkin full of warm water here:)
Such a big boy!
He's looks so BIG to me here.
Aren't they starting to look alike?
Future musical star?
My favorite picture yet!
Such a poser:)
Naked baby!
Maybe he got my chin?
This is his "Hey, watch me." face.
He is changing so fast.
He's a beast! I could only hold this pose for .03 seconds.
Armpit wrinkles? Why yes, we have those. 
Hopefully we get to continue this series, it might mean I have to take the chair with us on visits to Bryan!
Isn't the change ridiculous? Notice how Chris' muscles have gotten bigger, Otto is heavy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home:)

 It's ours!

And we're excited.
Really excited.
No more carting groceries up the stairs!
Otto expored his new room, he was shocked when I told him would be sleeping in it by himself:)
Thanksgiving is at our house this year, okay? :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cross your fingers for us?

Guess what we are (hopefully) doing tomorrow morning at 10:30?


Pray that everything goes smoothly and that there are no snags in the paperwork? (There have been plenty, mainly on the seller's side. Buying a foreclosure adds some kinks to the process.)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gameday Saturday!

 It's really quite nice to be married to an engineer. Quite nice.

This morning Tiffany the Pathfinder got a new battery...

...and the washing machine was repaired! It is NOT cool to be without a washing machine when you have a two month old.
Apparently something called a dog agit broke. Crumbled into a million pieces.
But Chris is highly skilled and fixed it in about twenty minutes with a ten dollar part. I married well people, I really did.
Otto woke up from his nap just in time to watch:)
Isn't he cute? And he has a new skill. He rolled over last night! Tummy to back, rolling left. Chris and I were both playing with him, so neither of us missed it! I had just put him on his stomach for tummy time. I tucked his hands under his chest so he wasn't doing a face plant to begin with, and he pushed himself up and fell all the way over! It might have been an accident, but I'm claiming it anyway:)

Here are a few more pictures I took last night and this morning. 
Chubby legs!
Our happy man!

This afternoon we plan on lots of catch-up laundry and watching the Aggies take on the Razorbacks. I love it when Big Twelve football is televised!