Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend we were in east Texas again. We have been on the road every weekend for the last month--its really exhausting! I think we are done traveling for a while; if you want to see us, come to Fort Worth:)

We stopped in Mineola on the way into town to return my sweet mother-in-law's truck. Otto got to explore his Nana's workplace and then decided to 'christen' it. An outfit and not one, but two diapers later we were back on the road to my parents to sell the Maxima, which had been parked at their house for the past week. My wonderful Father-in-law actually found someone who wanted it, woot woot!

While we were there Otto got hang out with some of the members of his fan club. 
Michael and Otto chilling by the pool, but not in the pool because it was well, chilly.
It was a little breezy. A cold front was moving in!
Otto loves his Aunt Abbey. He also loves his fist. But only the right one.
Too cool to look at the camera.
My parents were having a garage sale, which means we came home with some very useful stuff:) Chris is holding my new cake stand in this picture, I also got a ravioli maker! Guess what we're having when you come to dinner Dave:)
They recently moved and their new neighbors have a newly built half-pipe in their backyard. Michael likes it quite a bit, and my Mom does not. According to Caleb, the half-pipe's owner, Michael already has the second most impressive wipe-out. Terrific. Thank goodness my parents have health insurance, right?
Caleb showing off his skills.
Falling off the half-pipe onto the safety net, a half broken trampoline.
Michael, wearing wrist guards because one of his hands is still tender from the fall.
Love Abbey's expression here:)

And of course, my child would be the one grinning the entire time this was going on. Not good, not good at all.
Otto has a doctor's appointment in the morning. One that includes shots. I am a hot mess already, pray that I don't hurt someone, okay? Also he is so close to rolling!


  1. do you think I should offer to donate a trampoline for the other side? If it would make it safer I would like to. What is Chris' take on that?
    Mom to Michael (among others)

  2. Hahah I look like a bird, then an airbender...? hahaha! :)

  3. I cannot possibly imagine how adding a trampoline to the inventory of a teenage boy could make anything safer. At least that is true of me as a teenage boy :) Think: "No, I'm bored with that. Let's try to ride our bike off of the roof, onto the half-pipe, onto the first trampoline, then back-flip to the second trampoline." I'm pretty sure I actually said something like that once, except we didn't have a half-pipe. Thanks God! :)

  4. Not very comforting words there Chris..... I'll go back to finding protective gear to wear and trying to exhaust him with soccer.
    I do really like my new neighbors :0 and Michael had an atheletic bent way before this move .