Thursday, September 2, 2010

Otto's Fantastic Aunt Sarah

This is my 100th post! Woot, woot! In honor of making it this far let's talk about the person told inspired me to start blogging, my older sister Sarah.

Not only is she an awesome person to be friends with and super talented, but she is ridiculously giving as well. She was the first to find out we were expecting Otto. (Actually she guessed and forced me to admit it with help from our sister Hannah.) From that point on she was constantly sending me information on pregnancy, stopping by to force feed me protein shakes or help me clean and pack our apartment for our move to Fort Worth. Picture me laying on the floor in the fetal position whining about barf, and Sarah vacuuming, packing boxes, and disposing on the birds nest (and little hard boiled eggs) that had somehow made it's way into our dryer vent. Very nice sister.

She has also gone out of her way to help supply Otto (and me!) with clothes, toys and photo props. At least half of his current wardrobe (and mine) came from Sarah. She sends me the latest information on safety ratings and the best ways to encourage mental development. She is oh so patiently waiting for us to purchase a new car:) Speaking of photo props...she also happens to be a professional photographer. I know right? How lucky do you get? A cute new baby and a photographer who comes to your house to take awesome pictures?! I'm living the life.

This is the birth announcement that she created for us. They went out in the mail today, if you don't get one it means I don't have your address!
Front of announcement
Back of announcement
And because she can't be here all the time to take daily pictures, she decided we needed to upgrade our camera from a point and shoot to something with some real muscle. So she is letting us permanently borrow one of her cameras! See what I said about giving? It looks like this. (Thanks Dave for giving it a tune-up!)
Have you notice that in the past few posts the picture quality has improved? That's because of the awesome new camera! Now she's having to constantly field phone calls and texts from me with dumb questions like, "All my pictures are really bright, how do I make that stop?" and I get reply's like this, " Is the camera set on the green square?" Yeah, my bad.

Sarah, thank you so much for looking out for us and helping me get through and document this entire process.  Thanks you for removing my stretch marks and double chins in pictures and for letting me nap while you took Otto's photos. :) Thank you for letting me whine and vent and boast. And thank you so much for the camera and the lessons on how to use it!


  1. That is so sweet :) what an awesome post!

  2. I want a sister like that ! Where do you get one?

  3. Awww! You DO have one of the best sisters around! You're one lucky gal and you sisters are blessed to have each other!