Friday, September 17, 2010

My husband loves me!

He really, really does!

So much he bought me a house! (Or is buying me a house, or will have bought me a house in fifteen years? How exactly should that read?:))

And yes, he totally shows his love by buying me big, expensive gifts. Der.

Check it out. This is the place:

Pretty sweet, huh? We are currently in the option period and had the inspections done today. I didn't blog about it earlier because I didn't want to jinx us; we've put in offers on two other homes but didn't get them. But this one is ours pending a positive report from the inspection company and no snags with financing! I'm starting to let myself get excited about it:) No more apartment living for us! *fist pump*

Otto and I went over for a bit this morning while the inspection was going on, he snoozed and I started arranging furniture in my mind. Chris was there too, he was inspecting the inspector. 

Empty houses bore me Mom, I'll just take a nap.
Hopefully the desk I will be blogging from by the end of October!
The house is a foreclosure, so we are getting a sweet deal on it. Makes me happy; it's like buying a house using coupons!

And for kicks and giggles: This is a photo of the outside of the house. I took it using the manual setting on the camera. Sarah gave me a lesson on how to use different settings this past weekend and I was going to impress her with my skills. Ha!
Trust me there is a picture, you just can't see it. Apparently it was WAY to bright outside the what I had it set on, and I couldn't adjust it because I couldn't even see the numbers at the bottom of the screen. So back to automatic I went. At least I was trying right? (Promise I'll practice this afternoon. Inside where I can see what I'm doing!)


  1. It's beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Very very exciting !!! Dad and I were married 14 years and had 5 "Ottos"!!!!!
    Cograts guys!

  3. Yaya, love you, see you tomorrow! YEAHa.

  4. Great deal, you two!! Very happy for you. Nothing like having your own home. Congratulations