Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Must. Buy. Spanks.

I've been shopping for transition clothes no less than five times now....with no luck. Shopping for clothes with a normal body is difficult enough, but try it when you are six weeks postpartum. It suckth greatly. Not only do I have to find clothes that fit at the waist (super huge still) and butt (at least two sizes smaller than the gut), but they have to be nursing friendly as well. Ugg. My maternity clothes are too stretched/worn out for me to continue wearing, and pre-baby clothes still don't button or even zip.

Shopping with Otto can be done, but only in short bursts. He doesn't like being in the car seat (attached to the stroller) if he is awake and still likes to eat every two hours. We generally end up nursing in the dressing room instead of modeling new outfits. So last Saturday, Chris suggested he go with me and entertain Otto while I hunted for a few decent pieces. Sadly the trip was still frustrating. I will not spend real money on things I only plan on wearing for a few weeks months. I'm way too cheap for that:) We finally found a few cardigans and nursing tank tops at Target, but I still haven't found much for the bottom half. Boo.

While we were out I ran into Victoria Secret to get measured for a new nursing bra. I purchased a few before Otto was born but they just aren't cutting it anymore...I need one with, ahem, a better support system. Chris and Otto took a stroll through the sports store and I walked into the VS and headed towards the first employee I saw. Remember, I'm already in a super good mood from trying on clothes in double digit sizes. This is the conversation that followed:

Sales Clerk: Welcome to Victoria Secret, how can I help you?

Chubby Lydia: Yes, I need to get measured to buy a nursing bra online.

SC: Sure! How far along are you?

CL: *head explodes* Umm, my baby is five weeks old.

SC: *blink, blink--swallows tongue and starts to majorly backpedal* OH! You look fantastic! I was going to say you couldn't be that far along.

Sigh, and this is the second time this week that someone has confused me with a pregnant lady. The first time Otto was with me. :(

On the drive home I was venting expressing my frustrations to Chris. I really needed a hug and possibly to have a good cry but Chris didn't pick up on this. His reply?

"Well honey, the reality of the situation is you're just going to have to get more physical exercise. Sit-ups and jogging."

Really? I was stunned into laughing because, really? Did he just say that?! He didn't mean it to sound that way, but it did.

Does anyone know a good place to get full body spanks on the cheap? Because I am not a fan of 'more physical exercise'.


  1. Catos has the cheap version of spanks and I really like them. They have all types. Go check them out. Poor Chris...I don't feel sorry for just doesn't really know better. Derrick was/is the same way. Words never really come out the right way for him...remind me to tell you the Halloween story sometime...he is still in the dog house for that one!!! -- Gina

  2. Oh I am so sorry. I know how much it sucketh! I had luck with comfy cheap clothes at Walmart, Target and Old Navy, their sizes (and prices) seem to be some of the most forgiving. And yeah, Chris's comment would've sent me into a hormonal rage, lol.

  3. I found your blog from your sister's photography blog, and I just had to comment. I am so sorry! The same thing happened to me after my daughter was born. I was asked when my baby was due while holding my 8 week old in my arms, and several other times. It will get better. Hang in there! I went from a size 12 pants to a 4 in 8 months (when my daughter was 6 months to about 14 months). I lived in yoga pants and t-shirts at home, invested in a pair of size 12 jeans, and scooped up any loose in the tummy shirt in sight.

  4. You are all sweet girls, thank you.
    I figure when a momma has her figure back immediately after birth someone didn't get all that they needed. It is not natural to have a baby and immediately have a pre-baby body.
    Lydia's Momma

  5. Oh, Lydia Love!!!! I am right there with you! This postpartum business with nursing bra's and clothes is so terribly frustrating.... I normally just end up crying in the dressing room!