Saturday, September 4, 2010

Consignment Sale!

This morning I talked Chris and Otto into going with me to the largest consignment sale in Texas. The boys both did great, Otto was amazed at all the people and activity, and I found some really cute things for his winter wardrobe.
Not pictured, a pair of ridiculously tacky hilarious camouflage pajamas.
He's going to be a giraffe for Halloween!
Unfortunately the play-mat that I wanted was already gone, but we did get Otto a great little portable (read space saver!) swing.
Not quite sure about it yet...

Hopefully I'll be able to find the matching play-mat and jumperoo on Craigslist:) Online browsing has become my 3:00am breastfeeding entertainment.
All the shopping and people watching wore my little man out and sent Chris running for the driving range.

Cross your fingers that I get to go back for half price day?

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