Friday, September 3, 2010

Chris Demonstrates the Moby.

Last week I scored a Moby wrap for cheap on Craigslist. Chris went with me to pick it up, just in case the seller was a freak show. She wasn't and had an adorable haircut. Think dark brown curly hair in a stacked bob.

Otto and I have been enjoying the Moby for the last few days. Tonight he slept and I actually made a real dinner! Chris enjoyed said dinner but was feeling decidedly left out in the baby wearing department. See his demonstration of how to tie the wrap below. :)

(I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures. I now have a nice camera, I just don't quite know how to use it.)
First you stretch out the wrap...
Center the tag at your belly button and criss-cross behind your back. If it looks like a corset, all the better.

Bring ends of the wrap over your shoulders. Pose for the camera.

Tuck ends beneath the band you created, cross again, and circle your waist again.
Tie with a secure knot in either the front or back. Smile.
Use a stuffed frog to demonstrate where the baby would sit.
Oh yes, we are the kind of people who play with the baby gear even after the real baby has gone to bed. And we like it. Chris is still wearing the frog around the house:)


  1. Chris is a good man and I'm glad you got a Moby with material that works for a Dad!

  2. Chris is an excellent man, but modeling the wrap was completely his idea:) Even said, 'Take my picture!'. Watching the videos that Abbey sent must have inspired him:)