Monday, September 20, 2010

Chris Blows an Engine

Words I never thought I'd say.

That's right, my super conservative, always toes the line, never drive above the speed limit husband, blew the head gasket out of the engine in the Nissan Maxima that I drive drove.

Granted we were going the under the speed limit when it happened, but he blew an engine! Just like Daniel a throttle happy teenager would:)

And no, I'm not happy about it, I just think that its funny it happened while he was driving. Very out of character for Chris to destroy a vehicle. But it was probably time, poor Mabel had 240,000 miles, was built in 1995, and cosmetically wasn't looking her best. Chris bought her while we were in college and thank goodness she lasted until we graduated. Ten months after graduation actually; she more than served her purpose.
Israel and Brandon rescued us from the side of I20 and hauled Mabel to my parents barn. Thanks guys!
Confirming that she is truly dead. She is:(
We borrowed my mother-in-law's truck to get home, and have *fingers crossed* possibly already located a replacement vehicle.

If big purchases come in threes, we are maxed out. First Otto, then the house, and now a newish car. We're done for a while, okay?

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