Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anna gets married!

Yesterday we drove to Tyler to attend Anna and Michael's wedding. It was beautiful and at the end of the day these two were Mr and Mrs Shipley! Congrats you guys!

Before the wedding we stopped at my parents to give Otto a few moments out of the car seat and to change into our wedding outfits. We were greeted by these hooligans:

Otto was shocked and slightly appalled at the chest hair his Uncle Michael had drawn on. Sadly I'm not kidding.
Michael, you are a nut. And Otto will love you for it in a couple of years.

Abbey commandeered the camera and took lots of pictures for me...thanks Abs!
Anna and her family!
It's official!
Cake, my favorite part these days:)

Faith and Olivia were there too! We traded babies for a bit; Olivia has changed so much but still seems like such a peanut in comparison to Otto. He's a beast! 
Beautiful girl.
Faith ran two miles before coming to the wedding. Six weeks postpartum, I might add. She's insane.

We could handle two, right?
We also ran into Mrs. Cordre. She used to lead Good News clubs at our house when we lived at Wood Lane. Extremely sweet lady. I'm so glad she got to meet Otto!

Check back after lunch for the juicy details about what happened on the way home from the wedding. It involves me getting a new car. No kidding.

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