Sunday, September 12, 2010


I pretty much love this town. Not only is it the home of Texas A&M, but it has fantastic grocery stores as well! I heart HEB so much, when will they start building stores in the metroplex? You can get things cream-of-jalapeno soup and grapes for .77 cents a pound for pete's sake! It's awesome!

When we got into town my sister offered us four tickets to the football game. Umm, heck yes! And yes, we are insane and took Otto with us:)
Ready for the game!
Sitting in the Zone. Otto's not quite ready to stand with the students;)
Doing a 'yell' for the Aggies!
He did great ...for about the first twenty minutes. Then he decided it was nap time, but couldn't get comfortable with the heat and noise. So Chris and I walked to Rudder tower to find a quiet place for him to rest. What we found instead was the game on big screen. The t.u. game. Gross. Otto took a nap, and Chris and I cheered for Wyoming. Sadly they lost:(

Angela, Chris' little sister, came with us and she and Sam stay in the stands to watch the game. She kept my camera and took lots of pictures for me to blog with. Thanks Ang!

Student section! Give Otto 17 years...
Fighting Texas Aggie Band
She was playing with the settings on the camera, trying to turn off the flash, and using Sam as her practice subject. A very kind observer thought she was taking pictures of her significant other and offered to take a "picture of the two of you together." My sister-in-law has been married for a year (her husband stayed home this weekend) but they took the picture anyway just so I could put it on the blog. Thanks guys! Someone on the bus ride in also asked if they were dating:)
The adorable couple:)
Riding the bus back to the car.
After getting home from the game Otto found the baby in the mirror while dancing with Aunt Sarah. He turned into quite the flirt. How cute is this!?


  1. Pretty cute !!!
    I'm sure Roo is going to be the type of gal Otto looks for, some how she makes him think of his Mom.....
    Glad you guys are having a good time .

  2. Ahhh that last picture is way too cute! Love all these! OH and didn't you just have a baby?! You're all skinny!!!!

  3. love love the picture of Otto & aunt Sarah!! and lydia you're like a hot mama!! :D

  4. Seriously Lydia-- I don't know what that post about losing baby weight was about. You may not be the bean pole you were before quite yet but you clearly only have 1.75 lbs to go. : P You look amazing already!