Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 weeks old

We're home:)

And we had a terrific time. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than visiting family and friends. I had lots of help with Otto, got to go to HEB twice, went clothes shopping with some success, met a sweet new friend, and got hang out with my peeps:)  And while we were there, Sarah took Otto's seven week pictures. Pretty awesome extended weekend.

We left last night about 7:40 thinking that Otto might just fall asleep for the night and the drive home would be as smooth as the ride down. He did fantastic, smiling and flirting before falling to sleep with the help of his pacifier. Took about fifteen minutes. (Amazing, because generally getting him to fall asleep for the night takes forty-five minutes. On a good day.)  I crawled over the center console of the Maxima and joined Chris in the front. Easy-breezy, smooth sailing, right? Not.

About forty-five minutes down the road, a super genius pulls up behind us. (single lane section of hwy 6) And proceeds to shine his brights right at Otto. Ugh. Of course he was just hitting that transition into deep sleep (and I hadn't put the  car seat sun-shield up, it was dark out for pete's sake, I didn't think it was necessary!) and woke right up. Now, Otto has a little routine when he wakes up....dirty diaper and then he must reload, 'cause you know he might starve to death if he doesn't. To keep this short, have you ever changed a baby's diaper on your lap while going through a drive thru? Sitting in the back seat, in the middle, over the hump of a fully loaded car? I have. And I was very nervous. Climbing back over the seat (Only way out of the vehicle, I was completely blocked in.) if I got sprayed would be difficult. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and he nursed back to sleep while we ate our burgers. He quickly fell back to sleep and was still sleeping when we got home. Seriously people, I really have the best baby ever.

Now for the pictures!
Beautiful boy!
A little nervous that we might be trying to turn him into a Baylor Bear.  Don't worry buddy, that's not going to happen.
All 'dressed up'! Thanks Aunt Abbey!
Number one of at least ten...:)
Feeling a little 'crabby'.
PS: Thanks for all the sweet comments on the last post. Trust me, I was sucking it in hardcore. And did you notice how my eyes are pretty much closed? That's because I picked the picture that made me look the slimmest, not the one where my eyes are actually open:) I have issues people.

And Gina, the suggestion to go to Cato? You are my best friend for life! Thank you!!!


  1. Pastor Bob has that same tie, only before being cut down to baby size. Glad you had a relaxing time those working vacations for the dads can be a lot of fun!

  2. He is the cutest little man!!!