Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watchout Walmart!

Here comes HEB!

This morning Otto and I took a trip down to Burleson to check out the brand new HEB that opened on Friday. I can not tell you how exciting this is! Grocery stores are one of my favorite places to be, and even though I have three (Walmart, Albertson's and Kroger) within five minutes of our apartment, we drove 26.1 miles because HEB is AWESOME.  And trust me, this store did not disappoint:)
Isn't it beautiful!?
Otto didn't want to miss a thing. We left at naptime and he fell asleep in the car and I assumed that he would sleep through the store visit. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he woke up and was wide eyed the entire time we were inside. When we left, he immediately conked out.
The inside of the store was amazing, very traditional HEB setup, something I've been missing since our move from central Texas in December. I felt like a kid in a candy store at Christmas. And yes, I brought my huge camera in and took pictures. Nobody seemed to mind:)
I asked a manager to help me find the ground chicken, and ended up having a conversation about their expansion plans in the metroplex. The next store opening is in Granberry, and Weatherford will be shortly after! Within 3-5 years they plan on opening 20-30 stores. WOOT!!!

 A few weeks ago I found milk at Walmart for .99 cents a gallon. I was shocked, and sent a text to my Dad asking for answers. (He runs a milk plant) He assumed it was because of the pressure of Aldi opening. I think HEB is going to increase the competition just a bit. Look at this!
 That's right, .78 a gallon for milk! Insane. The gentleman in front of me was buying seven gallons and he lives in Waco and has an HEB:)

I just thought this was funny. At the check out you could buy a single serve for a dollar. Crazy.

What we really came for--pumpkins! We're ready for our photo shoot Sarah!

And because no post is complete without lots of Otto cuteness, here is a video of him talking to the loveseat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Otto's Aunt Sarah is coming to visit this weekend and he has been practicing skills so he will be ready for his pumpkin pictures! He wanted to show her that he can now get his head all the way off the floor! Quite a feat for someone who's head is a third of his body weight:)
Super baby!
Today was the first day he has been able to keep his head up for longer than .05 seconds--a very good thing because she will be here on Friday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Month Doctor Visit

Today was Otto's two month check-up, sadly he had to get his first round of shots. He handled it very well, and I didn't cry, so all in all I think it was a good appointment. :) 
 The temperature really dropped last night, it's cool enough outside to wear shoes! So when we got dressed this morning we tried out his 'sneakers'. Aren't they cute?
I also put a hat on him. He wasn't that sure about it and kept reaching up to feel it. Thank goodness he hasn't learned how to take things off yet:)

Chris is laughing in this picture because I was jumping up and down and shaking a rattle to get Otto to look at me and he wouldn't. The Thomas the train paintings on the walls were awesome in his opinion.
 Otto and Dr. Elliot. He has a really deep, scratchy voice and Otto is fascinated by it:)

His current stats:
Weight: 14 pounds and 1 ounce. 95th percentile.
Height: 25 3/4 inches, well over the 95th percentile! He is taller than fifty percent of five month olds!

Such a big boy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend we were in east Texas again. We have been on the road every weekend for the last month--its really exhausting! I think we are done traveling for a while; if you want to see us, come to Fort Worth:)

We stopped in Mineola on the way into town to return my sweet mother-in-law's truck. Otto got to explore his Nana's workplace and then decided to 'christen' it. An outfit and not one, but two diapers later we were back on the road to my parents to sell the Maxima, which had been parked at their house for the past week. My wonderful Father-in-law actually found someone who wanted it, woot woot!

While we were there Otto got hang out with some of the members of his fan club. 
Michael and Otto chilling by the pool, but not in the pool because it was well, chilly.
It was a little breezy. A cold front was moving in!
Otto loves his Aunt Abbey. He also loves his fist. But only the right one.
Too cool to look at the camera.
My parents were having a garage sale, which means we came home with some very useful stuff:) Chris is holding my new cake stand in this picture, I also got a ravioli maker! Guess what we're having when you come to dinner Dave:)
They recently moved and their new neighbors have a newly built half-pipe in their backyard. Michael likes it quite a bit, and my Mom does not. According to Caleb, the half-pipe's owner, Michael already has the second most impressive wipe-out. Terrific. Thank goodness my parents have health insurance, right?
Caleb showing off his skills.
Falling off the half-pipe onto the safety net, a half broken trampoline.
Michael, wearing wrist guards because one of his hands is still tender from the fall.
Love Abbey's expression here:)

And of course, my child would be the one grinning the entire time this was going on. Not good, not good at all.
Otto has a doctor's appointment in the morning. One that includes shots. I am a hot mess already, pray that I don't hurt someone, okay? Also he is so close to rolling!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Years!

Yesterday Chris celebrated three years at work. Yay Chris! He started with this company while still in college as an intern, working summers and Christmas breaks full-time and part-time during the semesters.

We had a special dessert to commemorate the occasion. And by special, I mean special looking. But hey, chocolate pudding is what he requested, so that's what he got!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Otto was styling his fighter jet pajamas (compliments of Aunt Sarah) this morning. Size 3-6 months and they fit him perfectly. *Cue waterworks*  How can he possibly be that big already!?

Is that Mommy behind the camera, or Aunt Sarah? 

 Showing off his tummy muscles. Quite the six pack of wrinkles. :)

He is really making great strides with body control and muscle tone, I laid him down this morning to play and a couple of minutes later he had wiggled almost completely off the blanket!

He is making this face more and more...not quite sure what it means:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Ride!

Look what we got! A 2004 Nissan Pathfinder.

It's not new, but it's new to us and a definite step up from what we were driving:) Pretty sure it's the youngest car I've ever had.

We bough it from an individual that we found on Chris had me call for more details about the car because he was bouncing Otto and I almost laughed out loud when I reached the seller's voice mail. His name? Jeff Gordan. That's right people, we bought a car from Jeff Gordan.

Apparently the poor guy doesn't find his name as humorous as I do. He told us that he has heard every joke in the book and once was seated next to Dale Earnhardt Jr in a restaurant because of it. He dislikes it so much that he is taking his wife's last name later this year. Wow.

It's a single owner vehicle. His wife received it as a college graduation present, but their nanny has been driving it for the last two years because his wife upgraded to a Lexus and he got a BMW.  It has been well maintained, garage kept, and is fully loaded. Hopefully it will top the Maxima's track record for dependability!
Pretty cute hind end, don't you think Lisa?;)
The Maxima's name was Mabel, and the truck is called "The Beast", what shall we call this one?

PS: Don't worry Michael, the SMU plate cover is history as soon as Chris get's home.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chris Blows an Engine

Words I never thought I'd say.

That's right, my super conservative, always toes the line, never drive above the speed limit husband, blew the head gasket out of the engine in the Nissan Maxima that I drive drove.

Granted we were going the under the speed limit when it happened, but he blew an engine! Just like Daniel a throttle happy teenager would:)

And no, I'm not happy about it, I just think that its funny it happened while he was driving. Very out of character for Chris to destroy a vehicle. But it was probably time, poor Mabel had 240,000 miles, was built in 1995, and cosmetically wasn't looking her best. Chris bought her while we were in college and thank goodness she lasted until we graduated. Ten months after graduation actually; she more than served her purpose.
Israel and Brandon rescued us from the side of I20 and hauled Mabel to my parents barn. Thanks guys!
Confirming that she is truly dead. She is:(
We borrowed my mother-in-law's truck to get home, and have *fingers crossed* possibly already located a replacement vehicle.

If big purchases come in threes, we are maxed out. First Otto, then the house, and now a newish car. We're done for a while, okay?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anna gets married!

Yesterday we drove to Tyler to attend Anna and Michael's wedding. It was beautiful and at the end of the day these two were Mr and Mrs Shipley! Congrats you guys!

Before the wedding we stopped at my parents to give Otto a few moments out of the car seat and to change into our wedding outfits. We were greeted by these hooligans:

Otto was shocked and slightly appalled at the chest hair his Uncle Michael had drawn on. Sadly I'm not kidding.
Michael, you are a nut. And Otto will love you for it in a couple of years.

Abbey commandeered the camera and took lots of pictures for me...thanks Abs!
Anna and her family!
It's official!
Cake, my favorite part these days:)

Faith and Olivia were there too! We traded babies for a bit; Olivia has changed so much but still seems like such a peanut in comparison to Otto. He's a beast! 
Beautiful girl.
Faith ran two miles before coming to the wedding. Six weeks postpartum, I might add. She's insane.

We could handle two, right?
We also ran into Mrs. Cordre. She used to lead Good News clubs at our house when we lived at Wood Lane. Extremely sweet lady. I'm so glad she got to meet Otto!

Check back after lunch for the juicy details about what happened on the way home from the wedding. It involves me getting a new car. No kidding.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My husband loves me!

He really, really does!

So much he bought me a house! (Or is buying me a house, or will have bought me a house in fifteen years? How exactly should that read?:))

And yes, he totally shows his love by buying me big, expensive gifts. Der.

Check it out. This is the place:

Pretty sweet, huh? We are currently in the option period and had the inspections done today. I didn't blog about it earlier because I didn't want to jinx us; we've put in offers on two other homes but didn't get them. But this one is ours pending a positive report from the inspection company and no snags with financing! I'm starting to let myself get excited about it:) No more apartment living for us! *fist pump*

Otto and I went over for a bit this morning while the inspection was going on, he snoozed and I started arranging furniture in my mind. Chris was there too, he was inspecting the inspector. 

Empty houses bore me Mom, I'll just take a nap.
Hopefully the desk I will be blogging from by the end of October!
The house is a foreclosure, so we are getting a sweet deal on it. Makes me happy; it's like buying a house using coupons!

And for kicks and giggles: This is a photo of the outside of the house. I took it using the manual setting on the camera. Sarah gave me a lesson on how to use different settings this past weekend and I was going to impress her with my skills. Ha!
Trust me there is a picture, you just can't see it. Apparently it was WAY to bright outside the what I had it set on, and I couldn't adjust it because I couldn't even see the numbers at the bottom of the screen. So back to automatic I went. At least I was trying right? (Promise I'll practice this afternoon. Inside where I can see what I'm doing!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 weeks old

We're home:)

And we had a terrific time. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than visiting family and friends. I had lots of help with Otto, got to go to HEB twice, went clothes shopping with some success, met a sweet new friend, and got hang out with my peeps:)  And while we were there, Sarah took Otto's seven week pictures. Pretty awesome extended weekend.

We left last night about 7:40 thinking that Otto might just fall asleep for the night and the drive home would be as smooth as the ride down. He did fantastic, smiling and flirting before falling to sleep with the help of his pacifier. Took about fifteen minutes. (Amazing, because generally getting him to fall asleep for the night takes forty-five minutes. On a good day.)  I crawled over the center console of the Maxima and joined Chris in the front. Easy-breezy, smooth sailing, right? Not.

About forty-five minutes down the road, a super genius pulls up behind us. (single lane section of hwy 6) And proceeds to shine his brights right at Otto. Ugh. Of course he was just hitting that transition into deep sleep (and I hadn't put the  car seat sun-shield up, it was dark out for pete's sake, I didn't think it was necessary!) and woke right up. Now, Otto has a little routine when he wakes up....dirty diaper and then he must reload, 'cause you know he might starve to death if he doesn't. To keep this short, have you ever changed a baby's diaper on your lap while going through a drive thru? Sitting in the back seat, in the middle, over the hump of a fully loaded car? I have. And I was very nervous. Climbing back over the seat (Only way out of the vehicle, I was completely blocked in.) if I got sprayed would be difficult. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and he nursed back to sleep while we ate our burgers. He quickly fell back to sleep and was still sleeping when we got home. Seriously people, I really have the best baby ever.

Now for the pictures!
Beautiful boy!
A little nervous that we might be trying to turn him into a Baylor Bear.  Don't worry buddy, that's not going to happen.
All 'dressed up'! Thanks Aunt Abbey!
Number one of at least ten...:)
Feeling a little 'crabby'.
PS: Thanks for all the sweet comments on the last post. Trust me, I was sucking it in hardcore. And did you notice how my eyes are pretty much closed? That's because I picked the picture that made me look the slimmest, not the one where my eyes are actually open:) I have issues people.

And Gina, the suggestion to go to Cato? You are my best friend for life! Thank you!!!