Friday, August 27, 2010

We're Whipped.

Otto has us wrapped around his little finger. Granted, we set ourselves up for it, but still a four week old is running the show!

He has been sleeping with us, and even on us, since he was born due to his breathing difficulties. He has a co-sleeper in our bed where he sleeps during the night. If he fusses we can easily calm him or see to his needs quickly. And don't get me wrong, we like it too! Having him close really helps the peace of mind and he's just so darn cute:)

The pack'n'play is also in our room, originally intended to be his bed during the night. He naps in it during the day. A few nights ago he fell asleep earlier than normal and I put him in the pack'n'play thinking he would wake up again for a final snack before bed. He didn't. And Chris and I got into bed BY OURSELVES. We both pretended to sleep for about twenty minutes before panicking about how far away he was (two feet, I could reach out and touch him easily) and moved him into bed with us. So like I said, we totally set ourselves up for this.

Apparently he has figured out that having someone cuddle with you while sleeping is better than sleeping alone. At night this isn't a problem, we are right there. But during the day nap time is my time to get things done. Things like showering. It's important people. He generally falls asleep while rocking or bouncing but wakes up as soon as I try to lay him down. Unless I lay down with him. Seriously, he just needs you to be near. Yesterday I was desperate for a shower but he kept waking up as soon as I left the room, so after three attempts I set him in the bouncy seat and jumped in the shower...thirty seconds of playing and he conked out. Needless to say, since I was trapped in the bathroom, it is now very clean...didn't want to wake him again!
Talked Daddy into napping with him one evening after work.
In the middle of the night he is amazing at going right back to sleep after a diaper change and quick feed, but in the early mornings (6:30am) he would prefer to get up and play, especially with his Dad's snooze alarm going off. So he sleeps on my chest from about six thirty to eight...extra cuddles and sleep for me!

When we went home last weekend he even talked his Uncle Israel into napping with him. Obviously he is now testing his skills on the rest of the family.:) 

But sadly he is rapidly outgrowing the co-sleeper.
It looks like all three of us are going to have to bite the bullet and move Otto to the pack'n'play. This could make for a rough couple of nights for Chris and I...better make this switch on a weekend when we can nap.
Unless you have a better suggestion....


  1. It will be rough at first but you will be glad to break that habit while he's still tiny! I know he's really young now (and I didn't even think of doing it til 3ish months because I wanted him close to me & he stopped breathing often because of reflux) but when we finally moved Jax into his crib in his own room, we ALL started sleeping much better, and much longer stretches at night. I hope he gets into a good sleep routine too so you can all get some rest! :)

  2. lol ok so you definitely made me feel better about mileage! :) and i just love reading your blog . . . i wouldnt mind AT ALL if you did like a post a day! haha because im sure even with the new baby you have lots of free time still right? :)

  3. I had so much trouble with Samantha's naps. I learned that what worked for her is making sure I put her in bed right before she fell asleep. Otherwise, I'd try to put her down and she'd wake right up and scream. So, I got on a routine of going into the room with it as dark as possible (during the day) and having the same sleepy music and rocking her till she was almost asleep then putting her down. It really seemed to work right away. Now if she would just nap more than 30 minutes...
    Every baby is different though, so do what you think Otto needs! And good luck!!