Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two week check up!

And I actually took pictures! (iPhone pictures, but still pictures:))

Enjoying the wall mural while waiting for the Doctor.
Stats on Otto:

Weight: Nine pounds thirteen ounces. Up a pound and a half in twelve days! Good grief!
Length: 22 1/4 inches. Almost two inches taller than when we brought him home:)
Head circumference: 15 1/2.

Otto Man is a beast!  Where is my little baby going? Oh, that's right...he was never little. He's going from big to huge. Somebody hold me, I think I need to cry.

The pediatrician also 'helped' his umbilical cord come off. It was hanging on by a thread. As excited as I am for him to take a real bath, (the boy is a sprayer, and often smells like a goat) it was yucky to watch...I had to sit down and look away. There is still a small portion of the cord remaining, but it should dry quickly now and fall off in a few days.
Otto was a trooper, he handled it much better than I did:) He's going to have a delightful innie!
And because our trip was so encouraging/successful, we decided to brave the grocery store on the way home. Otto did fantastic and I'm now a little more confident about taking him out in public by myself. He fussed a little, (on the cookie aisle no less!) but calmed down quickly with help from his pacifier.
Momma's new couponing buddy!
Just for fun:) Stats on the Momma:

Weight: 154! A whole pound less than Chris:) You have no idea how happy this makes me! Down 29 pounds.
Belly button: IN!!! Probably because it was scared of the surrounding stomach that looks much like a deflated balloon.
Consecutive hours of sleep last night: One and a half. Otto apparently was trying to bulk up before the big weigh-in.


  1. Can't wait to see the little booger! =D haha, he's sooo "precious."

    "Smmmmeeeeeaaaaggglllee," "smeagglleee."

  2. You weigh less than me and I did not *just* have a baby, lol. Way to go! Good gracious, I BETTER be able to BF next time!

    You'll be so happy you took that picture like that at the pediatrician (you sister taught you well I bet ;)) because you can take one like it at his 1 year appointment and bawl your eyes out about how ginormous your guy is! :) Sounds like he's growing quickly already!

  3. And also? NO worries about not commenting, silly. You've got much bigger fish to fry these days, I get that. ;)