Saturday, August 14, 2010

Otto's night on the town.

Friday night my cousin Beth got married to a very sweet guy named RJ. The wedding was about an hour from our house and so we decided to go and introduce Otto to my father's side of the family.
Beth and RJ Nanny!
Our little family at the reception--Otto did terrific
The ceremony was beautiful; held at First Baptist Dallas, the church that Beth grew up attending and were she went to school. We sat in the back....way in the back just in case.
And because we were sitting in the back, so did 98% of my immediate family:) Otto draws a crowd.
Why no, of course we don't take goofy pictures during weddings...

Otto did really well until about half way through the ceremony. He was startled awake by the music and decided he needed to eat. We stepped out and he refilled before the reception.

The reception was very Beth. Held in the Church's atrium, it was light, lovely, and beautiful. As evening fell you could see a great view of the city skyline.
 Her new mother-in-law made the cakes--yummy! I think I have talked Beth into getting her to share the recipes:)
Otto's MG (Mr. Grandpa) was very excited to see him again and got to show him off introduce him to his parents, my Nana and Gaw-Gaw. (He hadn't seen him since the day he was born.)
Meeting his great grand parents.
My sweet Gaw-Gaw.
She thought he was the sweetest thing; couldn't wait to hold him.
Otto and his MG

He also got to meet his second cousin, and the lady of honor, the bride! (I look scary, but it's the only picture we took so on the blog for documentation it goes! Let's just say I was feeling the burn from wearing heels for the first time in six months. And my feet grew (boo!) so they weren't exactly comfortable.)
And the reason we have all these pictures? Sarah was there! And she made sure I actually took my camera out of the diaper bag.
Sarah and Kyle.

Otto loves his Aunt Sarah:)

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  1. Awwww look at him with his proud Aunt Sarah! I love how he's looking at her! Isn't it so fun introducing him to all your family??