Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's hard being popular...

At least for Otto. He slept for SIX straight hours after all his fans left. It agreed nicely with him--he was very cheerful in the morning. I, on the other hand, was just a little nervous. Six day old babies aren't supposed to do that! 
And yes, this is where I eat my words and admit that he sleeps with us. :)

Sarah visited for the last few days and took lots of terrific pictures of him; Abbey was a great assistant. She and my Mom were also here.
Sarah and her heater...Otto loved it!
Sarah and Abbey sweating it out in a 95 degree room.
They all went home today; I might have a hard time adjusting. The past three days have been great, I've gotten to shower and a nap! Chris is back at work so I have definitely been the lucky one--getting waited on hand and foot!  

We have had several visitors in the last few days and Sarah also made sure that I had pictures of Otto's guest with him...I'm very glad she did, remembering to take pictures is NOT my thing, and I always regret it later! The only person we didn't get a photo of is my sister Hannah. She is very elusive. Next time Hannah, next time.
Otto and his great Aunt Becky (My Dad's sister)
Abbey and Otto getting some morning snuggles
Uncle Israel and Otto having a staring contest. Otto blinked first.
Uncle Sam is positively giddy to be holding a baby:)

Aunt Sarah and Aunt Abbey are currently neck to neck in the favorite Aunt contest.

Dave thinks Otto is the cutest baby ever.


  1. Now wait just a gosh darned second! I risk life and limb to drive all the way to Dallas and shoot your little man in 98 degree heat for 36 hours and \I just *tie* with that pipsqueak Aunt? Who's doing the ballot counting over there?!?!?! I demand a recount! ;)

  2. Oh I bet Sarah wins as favorite aunt, Otto just doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings :-)
    Glad everyone is doing so well.
    Lydia, having just come from this (or still going through it) - Some days are hard, some days you'll cry or might even want to give up. But that's normal, you'll be ok and the smiles are worth it!

  3. Yesss, a post! :)
    He's awesome, same as you. :)
    He still has a full head of hair!! He'll never go bald! :)

  4. *Cutest baby ever born in late July.

  5. So cute!!! And I agree, cutest baby born in the 2nd half of the year! ;)

    Totally random random question! WHERE did you get that tiny shopping cart? Jax would absolutely adore that!