Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Bath!

After coming home from the wedding Friday night Otto got his first 'real' bath. Until this point he had been suffering from sink baths. And suffering is the right word, the boy was not a fan. The only real way to keep him calm was to run the hair dryer, pointed directly at him, at full blast. Heat and noise equals a great distraction.

But the sink really wasn't cutting it...the boy was starting to smell like a little goat. So after the wedding, because his parents are crazy and felt like he had been contaminated from all the people who had been aweing/touching/glancing in his general direction, and because his umbilical cord had finally completely fallen off (18 days after birth!), he got a big boy bath. He liked it enough to poop and pee as soon as Chris stopped recording. Not that we would have wanted that on film anyway... (Excuse the angle, trying not to flash his business all over the internet.)

And tonight he was being fussy (I ate cheese yesterday--bad Mommy moment) and we put him in the bath to calm him down before bed. It's funny how serious he gets in new situations. You can also hear him grunt, he does it when he is displeased.

Pictures because he's cute!
Chris practicing his camera skills.
Sorry Otto, looking goofy like Mommy is in your genes.
Towel head baby!


  1. he looks a little *reverent tones* chubby in that last picture Lydia! I am so pleased. Carry on with the good work!

  2. Yay for bath slings instead of the stupid infant tubs! I wish we wouldn't have wasted gift cards on one of the tubs but we didn't discover the sling til 3-4 months...LOVE that thing! He's getting chubby, I think Sarah's right. :) YAY!