Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

My dad is turning 53 today and Otto wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!
A smile? When you have the camera out? HA!
For my MG, you say? Okay!
Birthday's are super exciting!
Happy birthday MG! (and Dad!)

Monday, August 30, 2010

One month doctor's visit.

One month check up was this morning. Because of the back to school rush it was a little late, at five weeks one day. 
I'm sure they flatter everyone, but both the doctor and nurse thought he was ahead of schedule and really doing great. Made me happy! It's always nice to told that your baby is advanced:) He was quite the little flirt and smiled at the doctor, I think he really liked his deep voice.

Weight: 11 pounds 15 ounces. Almost made it to twelve pounds, should have fed him more at breakfast, drat!
Height: 24 inches. Two feet of baby!

He's going to be a big boy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Sunday

Today, after a great night's sleep (EIGHT hours, his first night in the pack'n'play!) and church, we went to visit my paternal grandparents. My Nana is head over heels about Otto. I swear she was actually cooing and baby talking to him, something I have never heard her do...my Nana is one tough lady.

We had to twist my Gaw-Gaw's arm to get him to hold Otto...he told me that he prefers older babies that you can play with. :) But it turns out he is quite the baby whisperer. Otto was crying fussing but immediately calmed down when Chris handed him to my grandfather.
 Pretty sure that we have the cutest kid ON THE WHOLE STINKIN' PLANET!
My cousin Beth and her brand new husband RJ stopped by to say hello. I'm pretty sure I majorly skeeved RJ out by feeding Otto right next to him on the couch. Sorry RJ, but it had to be done!
Beth is fantastic with babies; Otto thoroughly enjoyed some cuddle time with her. He lasted maybe five minutes.
Chris and I were there too!
Thanks for the dress and the camera Sarah! (more details about the camera later...)
See what I mean? CUTEST BABY EVER!
Really lady, more pictures?
On the way home we met up with a girl I found on Craiglist and bought a Moby wrap...it's in the wash right now. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out and get some hands free cuddle time with Otto. And maybe I could vacuum at the same time! Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We're Whipped.

Otto has us wrapped around his little finger. Granted, we set ourselves up for it, but still a four week old is running the show!

He has been sleeping with us, and even on us, since he was born due to his breathing difficulties. He has a co-sleeper in our bed where he sleeps during the night. If he fusses we can easily calm him or see to his needs quickly. And don't get me wrong, we like it too! Having him close really helps the peace of mind and he's just so darn cute:)

The pack'n'play is also in our room, originally intended to be his bed during the night. He naps in it during the day. A few nights ago he fell asleep earlier than normal and I put him in the pack'n'play thinking he would wake up again for a final snack before bed. He didn't. And Chris and I got into bed BY OURSELVES. We both pretended to sleep for about twenty minutes before panicking about how far away he was (two feet, I could reach out and touch him easily) and moved him into bed with us. So like I said, we totally set ourselves up for this.

Apparently he has figured out that having someone cuddle with you while sleeping is better than sleeping alone. At night this isn't a problem, we are right there. But during the day nap time is my time to get things done. Things like showering. It's important people. He generally falls asleep while rocking or bouncing but wakes up as soon as I try to lay him down. Unless I lay down with him. Seriously, he just needs you to be near. Yesterday I was desperate for a shower but he kept waking up as soon as I left the room, so after three attempts I set him in the bouncy seat and jumped in the shower...thirty seconds of playing and he conked out. Needless to say, since I was trapped in the bathroom, it is now very clean...didn't want to wake him again!
Talked Daddy into napping with him one evening after work.
In the middle of the night he is amazing at going right back to sleep after a diaper change and quick feed, but in the early mornings (6:30am) he would prefer to get up and play, especially with his Dad's snooze alarm going off. So he sleeps on my chest from about six thirty to eight...extra cuddles and sleep for me!

When we went home last weekend he even talked his Uncle Israel into napping with him. Obviously he is now testing his skills on the rest of the family.:) 

But sadly he is rapidly outgrowing the co-sleeper.
It looks like all three of us are going to have to bite the bullet and move Otto to the pack'n'play. This could make for a rough couple of nights for Chris and I...better make this switch on a weekend when we can nap.
Unless you have a better suggestion....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Month.

(This was supposed to be published yesterday but wasn't because our power was out. So happy one month, one day birthday to Otto!)

Already?! Wow.
Before I learned that the camera needs to be on the 'green square' setting. Over exposed, but he's handsome anyway.

At one month Otto is: (Awesome, but also doing all this neat stuff...)

Tracking people and toy with his eyes.
Purposefully smiling at his Mommy:)
Loves bath time.
Is happiest when he is naked and outside. (This worries me for the future.)
Is a ridiculously noisy eater. And aggressive. (I call him a boobie parraniha.)
Is very active and challenges himself with how long he can stay awake. His record is four and a half hours.
Can scoot himself up your chest or across the floor if he has something to push off of. Looks like a little frog:)
Sleeps holding his ear, especially when he is tired or upset.
Is still sleeping in bed with us, in his co-sleeper.
Adores the picture hanging above the couch. Red poppies are super exciting. Also the ceiling fan is a big attraction.
Sleeps in three and six hours segments at night. Sometimes waking up at 1:30am, but always waking up at 4:30 am.
Is beginning to drool on everything.
Loves to listen. He will turn his head to find the cause of a sound. Music in the car is his favorite.
Will take a pacifier, but generally only when in the car seat.
Is nursing every three to four hours during the day.
Burps like a man. Think Peter Cooke. 
Is holding his head up for five to ten seconds at a time.
Is just now ready to wear size one diapers and 0-3 month clothes. (*noisy sobbing*)
LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to bounce on the yoga ball. 

To celebrate reaching this milestone we had lunch with Chris downtown. (I picked it up on the way in and we ate in his office. No angry phone calls about germs please Michael and Abbey!) Our power was out due to a thunder storm and so getting out of the house was nice. All of Otto's toys had batteries, but mine did not:)
Sonic and baby dancing for lunch!
He loved the new environment, he was very serious and studied everything--loved all the activity on the walk back to the car.
We go to the pediatrician for a growth/weight check next Monday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another first!

Sweet and angelic, right? Take another look...to where the picture is kind of focused. (Sarah Giles I am not.)

See this? Eww!

Our first in the car seat blow-out! We were out looking at houses (fun!) when this happened right as we were finishing. We left immediately and drove straight home, which was about ten minutes away. Otto wasn't concerned and fell asleep:) 

But he was quite enthusiastic about the bath he got as soon as we got home:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend in Lindale:)

Otto went on his first overnight road trip this weekend. I was a little concerned about how he would react to being in the car (and car seat!) for two and a half hour stretches, but he did great! Slept the entire time both there and back.

We headed out on Saturday afternoon after Chris played a round of golf with his best friend, Shawn, and his Dad, Leo. We drove straight to Tyler to join Sarah where she was photographing my beautiful friend Faith and her brand new little girl, Olivia. Isn't she a doll? Otto dwarfs her! They are thirteen days apart in age.
Olivia two weeks, Otto one day shy of four weeks.
While we were there Otto had his first major blow-out and got to take a bath in Charity's (Faith's older sister and owner of the house where they were shooting.) brand new tub. Check out what bathing does to his hair, half of it turns into peach fuzz and the rest sticks straight up!
Fuzzy man!

Later that evening we attended a bridal shower for another of my childhood friends. Anna is getting married in September and moving to Indiana. Crazy! But I am really excited for her and this new adventure. Michael is a lucky guy! (Of course I forgot to take pictures, but here's one Sarah took the night before.)

We stayed the night at my parents. Otto, Chris and I booted my brother Michael (not the one getting married) to the couch and took over his room, thanks buddy! Michael says that Otto got his studly good looks, what do you think?
Love you Michael!
Otto had a great time and really didn't get put down all weekend, he enjoyed all the extra cuddle time:) He even suckered Uncle Israel into taking a nap with him.

I think even Chris had fun...He got to swim, practice his golf skills in the pasture, and eat red meat:)
Swimming in my parents new pool.
Just hanging around!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My baby is the bomb-diggity!

Guess who slept seven hours last night?! Seven consecutive hours, I might add. This chubby cheeked guy!
Otto doing his best impersonation of a chipmunk.
Woohoo! Way to go Otto!

Granted, Chris and I did not, but he did. We kept waking up and checking him:)

Maybe my in-laws are good luck charms?  I am keeping them forever! (They came to stay the night because my MIL has a work conference to attend in the metroplex.)
Otto meets his Papa!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Central Market Baby.

Sunday afternoon Chris took Otto and I on a date to Central Market. As you can see Otto wasn't hugely impressed, but I had a great time! I've been living on curried lentil soup, Ak-mak crackers (remember those Dad?), fresh fruit, and French bread for the last few days thanks to our trip. Delicious!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Morning!

Posting videos is addicting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Bath!

After coming home from the wedding Friday night Otto got his first 'real' bath. Until this point he had been suffering from sink baths. And suffering is the right word, the boy was not a fan. The only real way to keep him calm was to run the hair dryer, pointed directly at him, at full blast. Heat and noise equals a great distraction.

But the sink really wasn't cutting it...the boy was starting to smell like a little goat. So after the wedding, because his parents are crazy and felt like he had been contaminated from all the people who had been aweing/touching/glancing in his general direction, and because his umbilical cord had finally completely fallen off (18 days after birth!), he got a big boy bath. He liked it enough to poop and pee as soon as Chris stopped recording. Not that we would have wanted that on film anyway... (Excuse the angle, trying not to flash his business all over the internet.)

And tonight he was being fussy (I ate cheese yesterday--bad Mommy moment) and we put him in the bath to calm him down before bed. It's funny how serious he gets in new situations. You can also hear him grunt, he does it when he is displeased.

Pictures because he's cute!
Chris practicing his camera skills.
Sorry Otto, looking goofy like Mommy is in your genes.
Towel head baby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

For the record.

I found these pictures on my iPhone. And they're going on the blog because:
A. This is Otto's baby book and the feet were a part of the pregnancy journey.
B. They were hideous! When the mushy 'Awe, let's have another baby!' hormones hit, I will need to have this to look back on to keep it real. (Who am I kidding, I would have another one tomorrow.)
C. I need to delete these freaky feet pictures from my phone. Who keeps pictures of their feet on their phone?!

Thirty-nine and a half weeks pregnant...keep in mind that we almost made it to forty-two weeks. They got worse.
Can you say cankles?
One week postpartum. There's space between my toes again!
Lydia's feet minus fifteen pounds of water weight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Otto's night on the town.

Friday night my cousin Beth got married to a very sweet guy named RJ. The wedding was about an hour from our house and so we decided to go and introduce Otto to my father's side of the family.
Beth and RJ Nanny!
Our little family at the reception--Otto did terrific
The ceremony was beautiful; held at First Baptist Dallas, the church that Beth grew up attending and were she went to school. We sat in the back....way in the back just in case.
And because we were sitting in the back, so did 98% of my immediate family:) Otto draws a crowd.
Why no, of course we don't take goofy pictures during weddings...

Otto did really well until about half way through the ceremony. He was startled awake by the music and decided he needed to eat. We stepped out and he refilled before the reception.

The reception was very Beth. Held in the Church's atrium, it was light, lovely, and beautiful. As evening fell you could see a great view of the city skyline.
 Her new mother-in-law made the cakes--yummy! I think I have talked Beth into getting her to share the recipes:)
Otto's MG (Mr. Grandpa) was very excited to see him again and got to show him off introduce him to his parents, my Nana and Gaw-Gaw. (He hadn't seen him since the day he was born.)
Meeting his great grand parents.
My sweet Gaw-Gaw.
She thought he was the sweetest thing; couldn't wait to hold him.
Otto and his MG

He also got to meet his second cousin, and the lady of honor, the bride! (I look scary, but it's the only picture we took so on the blog for documentation it goes! Let's just say I was feeling the burn from wearing heels for the first time in six months. And my feet grew (boo!) so they weren't exactly comfortable.)
And the reason we have all these pictures? Sarah was there! And she made sure I actually took my camera out of the diaper bag.
Sarah and Kyle.

Otto loves his Aunt Sarah:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So we just got back from introducing Otto to the volleyball team. (They loved him.) And can I just say, my baby is practically a toddler. There is another new mom who's husband plays as well who had her baby four days after we had Otto. She went nine days past her due date, we went ten. Her baby is 'normal' sized, somewhere around six and a half pounds...next to her Otto seriously looked like an eight month old. The boy is getting big fast! How do I slow it down?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two week check up!

And I actually took pictures! (iPhone pictures, but still pictures:))

Enjoying the wall mural while waiting for the Doctor.
Stats on Otto:

Weight: Nine pounds thirteen ounces. Up a pound and a half in twelve days! Good grief!
Length: 22 1/4 inches. Almost two inches taller than when we brought him home:)
Head circumference: 15 1/2.

Otto Man is a beast!  Where is my little baby going? Oh, that's right...he was never little. He's going from big to huge. Somebody hold me, I think I need to cry.

The pediatrician also 'helped' his umbilical cord come off. It was hanging on by a thread. As excited as I am for him to take a real bath, (the boy is a sprayer, and often smells like a goat) it was yucky to watch...I had to sit down and look away. There is still a small portion of the cord remaining, but it should dry quickly now and fall off in a few days.
Otto was a trooper, he handled it much better than I did:) He's going to have a delightful innie!
And because our trip was so encouraging/successful, we decided to brave the grocery store on the way home. Otto did fantastic and I'm now a little more confident about taking him out in public by myself. He fussed a little, (on the cookie aisle no less!) but calmed down quickly with help from his pacifier.
Momma's new couponing buddy!
Just for fun:) Stats on the Momma:

Weight: 154! A whole pound less than Chris:) You have no idea how happy this makes me! Down 29 pounds.
Belly button: IN!!! Probably because it was scared of the surrounding stomach that looks much like a deflated balloon.
Consecutive hours of sleep last night: One and a half. Otto apparently was trying to bulk up before the big weigh-in.