Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thirty Eight Weeks!

How far along? 38 weeks! And he seems pretty content to stay put for a while.

How big is Baby? Close to the size of a watermelon. A big watermelon or a small watermelon is the question. I'm thinking medium seedless.
Total weight gain/loss:
Thirty eight pounds. Matching the week:) I'm cool with that.
Maternity clothes?
Still wearing them. Probably would be pretty awkward if I didn't:)

Stretch marks?
Still there, but only one hurts.
Sleep: Very difficult these days. I wake up more than once for bathroom trips, and several times to change position. Laying on one side for more than an hour
is very uncomfortable for the joints. And rolling over? Who knew it would become a process? Chris generally has to give me a boost.
Best moment this week:
Pedicure on Sunday afternoon! Clean, manicured toes are important especially when you have nightmares about kicking the doctor in the face during delivery. 
Movement: Getting slower all the time. Although he still has a powerhouse move where he tries to kick a hole in my left side by fully extending his legs. No hole yet but the stretch marks are definitely worse on that side.
Food cravings:
Nothing really stands out, although I have been eating meat this week...and get this, it tasted good!
Gender: Still nameless boy. Just when I thought we were making progress, Chris adds a new name to the mix. *head explodes*
Maybe we'll just draw straws when he gets here.
Labor Signs:
A few braxton hicks, but only when I've had a busy day. Walking has become more difficult and stairs suck. I was rooting for him to arrive today, which doesn't look like it will happen. And with the way I'm feeling, I'm not thinking he will make his debut for at least a week.
Belly Button in or out?
Basically waves at people.
What I am looking forward to:
Angela and Addison coming to visit this weekend! Angela has Monday off for the holiday, and is going to bring Addison to visit since we decided that traveling might not be the best idea. We are excited to get to spend time with Addison because she and her mother are leaving for Korea on the 16th! Super happy for them, but they will be missed.
Milestones: Knowing he is a week past the 'recommended cook' time, and could be here any day!


  1. MEAT! I bet he is REJOICE-ing...!!!

  2. Ummmm, are you just not posting because you're about to have a kid? Hmmm,? "We need daily updates at this point, *Israel* we need hourly updates..." !!! "REWALLY!" HAHAH! My word vertification is "mommi!!!" Haha