Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still here. Still no outside baby.

But my nose is definitely getting fact everything is. And my poor feet actually jiggle when I walk, no lie. It's oddly humorous. 

We had a great weekend; lots of family came to visit, including Sarah so this post will have pictures! But only of me, because I'm vain like that:)

Thursday night Chris' parents, Jackie and Addison, and my Mom were here...after a full (haha) night's sleep Jackie and Addison had a successful takeoff from DFW headed for Korea! Jackie has started a blog so that we can keep up with all of their adventures while they are overseas for the next two years. I am so excited for them and can't wait for her to start posting pictures! Come on Jackie, forget the jag lag, get on it girl! 

On Friday afternoon we, and the parents, went to our ultrasound appointment. It was very quick. And we didn't get to see much:( But then, you really can't see much; he's taking up all the space! According the the tech, he weighs 8.9 give or take a half pound. My doctor says that sonograms can be off by about a pound and the internet claims two. So who knows? We'll see when he gets here! Which might be the end of the month, because the tech still thought he had lots of room....what?! He does not!

Late Friday, Chris' parents headed home and my Dad and Abbey came to stay. Hannah, Sarah, and Dave joined us on Saturday morning and the girls went to get fresh pedicures while the guys went to the gun range. Apparently getting your toes done isn't fun for them? (My family was in town because my cousin Josh got married. Welcome to the family Leah!)

Sarah took some overcooked maternity photos--woot, woot! I really should have been expecting this and done my hair that morning! It doesn't look like the belly has dropped at all, but the boobs kinda seem like they have, eek! Uncool.
I swear he's even bigger than this today. No lie. 
Our apartment is strangely quiet now that everyone has gone home...maybe he'll decided to come out and see what happened? You know, like a little baby box turtle. Shy and cute. And we would  be fine with that happening tonight! I'm well rested from skipping church and taking a three hour nap:) Come on baby!


  1. Yikes! Hoping it happens tonight! You look STUNNING! :)

  2. oh boy. shoot for a 10 pounder lydia! . . . no, dont do that