Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Because what is more important than having pretty toes during labor? Oh yeah, actually getting the baby out. But whatever, toes should at least come in second. :) I'm sure if I was a doctor I would prefer the patients who don't come in with funky feet; wouldn't you? 

To celebrate making it to full term (way back at 37 weeks), three sweet ladies from church and I went to get pedicures. And for some reason I didn't remember to post these pictures. 
Rebecca, Caty, and I. And if you look closely, you can see Cheryl reflected in the glass.

Here Caty is getting blown away by the massage chairs...she loved them! It was her first time to get toes done and she had a blast. So did Jessie.

But sadly that was three weeks ago, and my dark purple toes are no longer looking their best. Maybe I'll have to get them redone when we pass the forty week mark? You've got to celebrate the small victories people. When he finally gets here I'm getting a haircut! 

Speaking of him getting here...last night was rough. I fell asleep having some braxton hicks, nothing major and they didn't hurt. But about 12:30 a ligament on my left side decided to go bat poop crazy and seize up. OUCH! (<--- self diagnosis after referring to Dr. Google this morning.) After changing positions, getting up, walking, trying an ice pack, and only having the pain intensify, I decided to wake Chris up to hold my hand. Because I'm a wuss. And because your brain can talk you into some serious freak out situations when it comes to unknown pain.  Surprisingly it only took a single tap on the shoulder accompanied by an " Umm, honey?" for him to be completely alert. Bizarre. This morning he needed and hour and a half of snoozing before work. Home dude doesn't do mornings, late nights yes, but mornings? Absolutely not. 

Chris asked if I wanted to go to the doctor. Umm, NO! What happened to the plan to suffer at home until you need a wheelbarrow to wheel me out to the car?! Seriously I'm going to need to toughen up if I think I'm going to get through early stage labor at home.  

Basic synopsis of that story: It hurt, I'm fine, not in labor, 30 minutes in a hot shower will cure anything, and I think the little guy thought it was funny. For real, he was having a party in there the entire time I was in the shower, which didn't help at all! 

But here's the real kicker, while all this was going on and I was miserably thinking this could be labor starting...I wasn't thinking about my, oh so important two weeks ago, toes. No, I was horrified by the fact that the curtains in the living room didn't match. Lame, right? 

(We just got new curtains and I was trying them out to see which I preferred. Lowe's is having some great clearances on floor length, lined curtains if you need some! We're talking between three and eleven dollars a panel!)

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  1. I dreamed you were having him last night, so pretty much the power of my dream *almost* made you go into labor! Go me!

    (Now I'm listening to hynobirthing CD's while I edit, so watch yourself!)