Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Never Again!

...will I trust an eight ball! Geez, and they are normally so accurate too!

Yesterday was our forty and a half week appointment, but I was too grumpy with the results to post afterwords. Apparently this little guy is really comfortable.  Good thing he is, because I am not!

The doctor was pleased with the ultrasound results, no noticeable complications, which is good. His heart rate was in the 150's, mainly because she irritated him before taking it. No more progress on the dilation or position front even though I had all those lovely practice contractions last week. And there is really nothing else she could do to encourage labor as my membranes separated on their own. The next step would be a hospital induction. Ick.

But now we have a plan. Granted it's not what we originally hoped for or even expected, but we do have a plan with an end date. Hear that, Buddy? This is an eviction notice!

Because we are in overtime (and we really are, pretty sure of the starting date) we are doing extra monitoring as a precaution. If anything did start to deteriorate at this point we would want him out as soon as possible. So Thursday we are scheduled for another ultrasound and if anything looks suspicious, he comes out Thursday night. If not, he cooks until Tuesday when he will be monitored with a NST (fetal non-stress test). Then if he still is being stubborn on Thursday the 29th (forty-two weeks), we are on the calendar at the hospital for an induction.  And don't get on my case about a scheduled induction please, as you can see I'm dragging my feet as hard as I can and if I'd asked for one at either of our last two appointments my doctor would have said yes.

The problem with this 'plan' is that my doctor is going out of town. This Saturday, for a week. And she is going to Michigan, so swinging by the hospital if we go into spontaneous labor isn't an option. So if we make it to the weekend, which seems pretty likely at this point, we will be delivering with a doctor I've never met. Ugh. She (thank goodness) will be the OB we meet with on Tuesday and responsible for the induction on Thursday. I'm not super excited about this. We have spent the last several months building a relationship with our doctor and having to switch at the very last moment to someone who really doesn't know a thing about you is NOT fun. A small part of me (very small!) would prefer to induce this Thursday instead of next just to stay with our OB. (If only we knew for sure that we will be induced!)

Can you blame me for wanting to eat an entire bag of snickers? Any suggestions on how to encourage natural labor, or what you think would be the best drug (most efficient/not detrimental to breast feeding) to use for an induction would be appreciated!


  1. http://pregnancy.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Natural_Ways_to_Induce_Labor
    Go here

  2. This happened with my mom... she was a MONTH over due and her doctor went out of town. The next night she was in real and true labor. (and she liked the doctor so much she used him for the next two births lol) WISHING you all the best of luck! and hope for your sake it is sooner then later :)

  3. I'm not any help, as my body apparently loves going into labor way too early, lol, but I really hope he decides to come on his own, and SOON!! Hoping you get to use your OB, as I know it's no fun to use a different one. I wound up delivering with my on-call doc, rather than my regular OB, and I still think to this day that things could have gone differently (read: much better) if it had been MY OB. =\ Crossing all appendages for you, Lydia!!!