Thursday, July 29, 2010

Naked Baby!

Otto has been a little orange from jaundice, so he has been getting daily sun baths on the balcony. The first was right after getting home from the hospital. We headed straight outside after getting home and Otto and I cuddled in the rocking chair for about twenty minutes.
Out on the balcony
Abbey, Chris really loved his outfit. (And so did I!) Thank you for making it for us!
Stretching his big, but oh so little feet!
Fist pump for being naked!
This little guy loves to be outside and really loves being naked. If he is fussy, just strip him down and head to the porch, does the trick every time:)
By the time we came back inside my sweet mother-in-law had put fresh sheets on our bed and set everything up for us to nurse and take a nap! And so we did, three awesome hours:) I think that leaving the hospital was what I needed to be able to get past the hormones and finally crash. 
Sun bathing with Daddy yesterday morning.
His jaundice is much improved, but I think the outside cuddling will continue because he enjoys it so much!


  1. Goodness he is cute! I also appreciate the increased posting tempo!

    However, I was promised naked pictures only to find mostly clothed pictures! Goodness! I shall have to rectify that this weekend!

  2. I love it that he settles down just because he gets to go outside. Does he like to be upside down too ;0
    That little Otto is such a cutie!

  3. Lydia! He is amazing! He's so stinkin cute! And I maintain that he has your nose, you know, even though I've never met y'all, lol. I can't wait to see the fabulous pictures Sarah is sure to take this weekend! :)