Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Date Night Before Baby?

Maybe? But I wouldn't place bets on it!

Today was productive and fun, full of lots of 'lasts'. *fingers crossed*

Chris and I slept in, worked on unfinished projects,-namely the bookcase and guest/baby's room- and went out to dinner and a movie. After walking all over the golf course behind our apartment last night with no results in the labor department, we figured that maybe the hold up is psychological; possibly I have a mental block about being prepared for labor. (Yes, I have been reading lots of mumbo-jumbo books, as Chris calls them.) So we worked on the last remaining things on my list.

Speaking of walking on the golf course...we saw the rather large in stature but skinny coyote that resides there. City coyotes make me nervous. I mean come on, they are practically immune to humans. He trotted away when he saw us, nothing like the 'pee in his pants and then run' version that my Dad told me about when I was young. What if he had been feral and attacked us? I would have been coyote fodder, because I'm pretty sure that Chris can out run me at this point. The Michelin Man could out run me right now.

For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse. I got a steak. It was delicious and I am NOT a meat eater. But my Mother had steak the night before my youngest brother Michael was born, so I'm hoping it does the trick! (He was five weeks early. Steak must be very powerful.)  The munchkin LOVED it. No lie, he hadn't been moving much all day but as soon as the meat made it to the table he was positively spastic. Also, just a suggestion if you are a hostess, don't sit the girl who is obviously ten and a half months pregnant in a booth. She really won't fit and her belly will bump against the table all night. But the good news is it does hold your napkin in place and my shirt made it through the night stain free!

PS: We saw Inception...pretty entertaining, and I understood it all except the last five minutes. Which means I didn't understand any of it.


  1. Wait, let me get this straight. Chris will consult an 8 ball about the birth of the baby, but thinks books about positive thinking are mumbo jumbo? Interesting :P

  2. The steak was from Outback and It was with Abbey who was two weeks late : )

  3. That was mom? So, i'm glad I got to be there, and can't wait until he's big enough were I can hurt him. When he's not as fragile... : )