Monday, July 5, 2010

Hitting the third trimester wall...

...we better be, by golly, 'cause this is darn uncomfortable!

My feet are swollen (they look like sausages), moving is awkward and painful, I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed,  and I am motivated to get things done but physically can't! Somebody tell me the end is near!
Last night I had seven contractions. Yes, I counted. You would too if you were as ready as I am to get this baby out!  But then they stopped and I was sad, so I went to sleep. :( They probably weren't even real contractions, more like braxton hicks. Kinda felt like my belly was expanding until my lungs were being squished, and all the blood rushed to my head. If I had been standing up, I bet I would have seen stars. Didn't hurt though, so that's good:)

Sam, maybe you should come visit and sweet talk this little guy into sharing a birthday? PLEASE!

Because of the self description above, there will be no pictures of me in this post--I wouldn't want you to loose your lunch. You're welcome. Instead how about some pictures of a cute baby?

Addison came to see us yesterday, chauffeured by her Aunt Angela. Thanks for bringing her to see us Ang!
They joined us for church and the 4th of July picnic following the service. Afterward we spent some time at the pool; Addison is a water baby! She loved it! 

She also really loves Chris, they spent quite a bit of time playing on the floor and watching Yo Gabba Gabba on Chris's iPhone. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...Chris is still singing some of the songs:)

Chris is also turning out to be quite the baby whisperer--he was impressing me with his skills at baby dancing and getting Addy to fall asleep. He also wasn't grumpy when she woke him up this morning. (I might have assisted her in climbing into our bed before running away.)

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  1. Yo Gabba Gabba songs are ALWAYS stuck in our heads, lol! In fact, sadly, I/we probably know the words to more of those songs than the ones topping the charts right now!

    Hang in there, Lydia! You're almost there! Can't wait to see pics of that sweet baby!!!