Sunday, July 25, 2010

He's here!

Otto Christopher was born at 9:15pm and weighed 8lbs. 11oz and is 20.5 inches long. Everyone is just delighted with him! Mother, baby (and Daddy) are all fine!
Thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Is it weird of me to say I love him already? I just can't help it with such a sweet face! Lydia, we have GOT to meet sometime! :) Congratulations to you and Chris! Enjoy this time, you'll hear it 8763753852 times, but it FLIES.

  2. he is beautiful! yes, i boy can be beautiful! lol. so happy for you and chris!!!!!

  3. Oh my , just a touch over two hours old here and already changing the world as the Giles/Weldys/Parades&Stepp families know it.

    Lydia & Chris you worked together as an awesome team and I can't get over my gratitude to God for His goodness to us !

    Love you little Otto !!!!!
    Grandma Giles

  4. He is gorgeous!
    Thanks for making me an Aunt Lydia!

  5. we need a new post!! please please please