Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy as a clam.

And getting perfect scores on his biophysical profiles. That would be our already over achieving/over cooking child.

Today was another ultrasound. Chris took an extended lunch and got to come too:) Everything is looking great, which is very encouraging. I've been getting a little nervous in the last few days about something going terribly wrong now because we really have had a pretty easy time with this pregnancy. The little man is growing, has plenty of fluid surrounding him, and didn't want to wake up. The ultrasound tech literally slapped my stomach trying to get him to move. Yes, slapped. Very strange.

I'm slightly surprised the little guy didn't come flying out and quote the Doritos commercial in my defense. " Keep your hands off my Momma, keep your hands off my Doritos." But alas, no.

Speaking of Doritos, all the delicious food I've been eating this week is probably the reason he is estimated at eight pounds thirteen ounces right now, with a plus or minus 20% range. That could mean a cute little seven something baby, or a tyke-sized ten and a half pound hippo! AAAAA!!!

We also met with our OB. She was happy with how his is doing, and doesn't believe in inducing just because he is getting big, which I like. It would make perfect sense if she wanted to induce tonight/tomorrow so she wouldn't lose a delivery fee. But he is happy and doing well therefore he gets to stay put until next Thursday. Unless I can tempt him out with a Dr. Pepper this weekend...

PS: I'm really liking Easton Corbin. I think he has serious potential. And is possibly George Strait's long lost child.


  1. "That could mean a cute little seven something baby, or a tyke-sized ten and a half pound hippo!" You sizist! 10-pound people are people too!

    For a second I thought you were really liking Easton Corbin as a name for the little man, and I was a bit aghast. (It's doesn't seem to be your style is all ;)

  2. PS. your due date/weight polls are pretty much no longer relevant...