Saturday, July 10, 2010

Five more days...

...and then you guys (Hi Michael, Abbey and Israel!) can commence pestering him to come out. Okay? Okay.

Since he isn't technically supposed to be here until the fifteenth, I'm going to stop expecting him to make an appearance before then. I mean come on, he is related to both Chris and I, why in the world would we expect him to be anything other than a last minute kinda guy? My current bet is he shows up on the fifteenth after making his parents pull an intense all nighter.

I'm just as ready for him to get here--probably more so:) Every pregnant person that I know who was due around our due date (and some who were due after!) have already had their babies. The milk and eggs in the fridge expire after his due date. I'm about to have to fill my car up with gas again, when I was sure the last tank was it. Grr! But sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting to go into labor only adds to the frustration; it's like waiting for Christmas but worse, because you don't know what day Christmas will land on! So we aren't even going to assume he will be here until after his due date, okay? Okay.


  1. ALRIGHT!! It's official, he's gonna be coming on the 15th...
    So, what if he comes even later... I mean, hypotheticly speaking... Wow, didn't even have to look that word up to spell it! Aren't you proud.