Friday, July 30, 2010

First Visit to the Pediatrician

Yesterday morning we had a weight check scheduled at the pediatricians. Did we actually go in the morning? No. We went in the afternoon. Because we slept through the alarm. I even heard the silly thing but had no idea what it meant. Chris said that he tried to wake me up but I didn't respond before he fell back to sleep. He was holding Otto and couldn't reach the alarm to turn it off, so it went off for at least ten minutes. And we all slept through it. Felt terrific when we finally did wake up though:) When I called, horrified about being a bad parent and missing my child's first appointment, the receptionist actually laughed. Apparently this has happened before.

Otto is doing great. He weighed 8 pounds 5.5 ounces, exactly what he weighed the night before leaving the hospital, so he has stopped loosing ground. His color is much better; less of a carrot every day! We discussed the issue that he is having with his suck/swallow reflex (The reason he is sleeping upright on our chests at night. Consistent breathing is important!)--the pediatrician believes it is probably an dis-coordination between the muscles and he will outgrow it in about six weeks. If it is a true reflux issue, he should overcome it by about eight months. For his sake, I hope its the former.

As for me, I'm down about 18 pounds. That leaves about 25 to go. (See? Told you guys it wasn't all baby!) Breast feeding better be the miracle drug everyone claims it is. The belly button is still out and I am learning that sleep is optional at this point. And the road map of stretch marks? Even scarier deflated. But so worth it:)

Oh yes, and the milk has come in with force. Yesterday it tried to kill me, but I think I might have won. Double layered sports bras with frozen foods in the middle, works like a charm.

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  1. Oh noooo I hope y'all don't have to go through reflux like we did! Yuck! But you look AMAZING for having just had a baby, the weight will come off, esp if you're BFing! I wish so bad that I could have! I exclusively pumped but had a sucky supply and didn't make nearly enough to see the weight loss benefits!

    Such a cute story about missing his appointment. :)