Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bringing Home Baby!

Hiya peeps! Its been awhile, but I've been busy:) The process of becoming un-pregnant is intense. 

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday, the 27th. 

Getting dressed to come home! His outfit and lovey blanket were made by his Awesome Aunt Abbey:)
 Chris says that he is practicing to become a Yell Leader in this picture. 

Getting strapped into his car seat. Apparently no one checks to see if you do this correctly. They completed all of our discharge paperwork in the room and then called 'transportation services' (glorified wheelchair pusher) to help us to our car. Of course, Otto decided at that moment that the world would end unless he was fed. So who was nursing while being pushed outside in a wheelchair that looked like a giant trashcan? (No lie, it really did.) That would be me. Getting the nursing in public thing down early. Thanks Otto!

He didn't mind his car seat at all, probably because we where outside when we put him in it. He LOVES being outside. And being naked, but more on that later.

Look, we figured it out! (Next time, remind me not to be the closest person to the camera.)

Backseat, in the middle, over the hump? Not a great idea after having a baby.


Becasue you can't start influencing their college choices too early; no green and gold for this boy!
Since getting home we have done a lot of this. (Snuggling the baby, not playing with the iPhone, although that has happened as well. Especially at 3:00am feedings.)
A up-to-date shot of his face. He has changed quite a bit, don't you just love his crooked little nose? Just like Chris's:)

Thanks to Lisa for taking all the pictures and for taking care of us for the last few days!


  1. Awe! He is a delicious peanut and I cannot wait to meet him! :)

    Thanks for posting Leigh-Leigh

  2. Otto is adorable and you look really good too!
    Liked the Aggie theme but don't see any problem with green turtles and yellow ducks, ; )
    Wholeheartedly agree that your choices affect the children.
    Hes already changed soooo much.
    Do you need anything from C.S.? The renters left Bluestem in great shape and I'll have the keys in the new renters hands this afternoon. Love you all.

  3. such a sweet family! congrats on the lil one... he looks like such a dear :)