Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Apparently, that wasn't the wall...

...and this munchkin might be bigger than expected. Yikes!

This morning was our thirty eight week appointment. At thirty eight weeks five days. It was pushed back because of the holiday weekend which caused the office near our house to be closed. Because the appointment was downtown and Chris is super supportive of my doctor induced craziness, he came along to hold my hand.

Everything looked good but unchanged. The lovely swollen feet and ankles are within normal limits and there are no other warning signs indicating a larger problem. His heart rate was in the 140's and picked up to the high 150's when she started feeling around. Guess he doesn't enjoy people in his personal bubble; he must get that from Chris. Perfect, I'm going to have a baby that doesn't like to cuddle:( All measurements were right on track. And because she didn't notice any significant difference in his position, we skipped the internal. Which was cool with me although yesterday I totally wanted to know! We also had a conversation about how long she would let this pregnancy go. (Chris brought up the topic, believe it or not. Maybe he's getting tired of my sob story about aches and pains?) Our OB feels fine with allowing a normal pregnancy go to 42 weeks, with increased fetal monitoring after the 40 week mark. If there are any signs of placental aging or distress, baby comes out. After 42 weeks, induction is scheduled. I very comfortable with her opinions and we can make it to 42 weeks if that is what this little guy needs. But please, please, please God, don't let that happen!

Abbey and Michael, I specifically asked the doctor to guess his weight just for you guys. She feels like he is a normal sized baby...and if he was born THIS week would weigh between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. My question is, when the crap is that normal!? Five out of the seven kids in our family haven't been normal then...Oh wait, that probably because we were home schooled:) (Kidding Mom!)

My current guess for final weight and delivery is eight pounds five ounces sometime between the 11th and 15th. Chris thinks he will be eight pounds two ounces and come July 17th. Here's to hoping I'm right about the day and he's over shooting the weight!

What's your guess?


  1. Pretty sure he's gonna be 15 pounds 3 oz.... you should probably look into entering him in wieght lifting.... hah hah hah. Just kidding, thanks for asking! :)

  2. I think you are going to have toddler...sorry just kidding.

    When I was pregnant with Kale the doctor and nurses took guesses on how much he would weigh while they were delivering him...7 lbs, 71/2 lbs, 6 lbs...etc. When Kale finally decided to show up...the room became very quiet..Dr. Tutt wanted to know where exactly I had been keeping a 9 1/2 lb baby... I wanted to know what kind of damage a 9 1/2 lb baby had just done to my body!!!! -- gina

  3. You know, babies do add a 1/2 lb a week up until a certain point where they level off. They really aren't sure what stops the baby at a certain size (uterus size perhaps?) But even overdue babies don't necessarily have to be HUGE.

    Babies that are done cooking might have less difficulty adjusting to the world, with fully developed lungs and gastric systems. A larger baby will also have a larger stomach and be able to go longer between feedings. So, discomfort now means an easier baby later.

    The baby I shot today was 42 weeks when he was delivered. He was also 8lbs 10 oz (not bad!) and was a calm baby, and very alert and good at tracking objects and people. If you have one like that I'll be very pleased ;)